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     Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar For Sale

    Only $411.60

    Fireman Guitar


    Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar History


    At the beginning, Paul Gilbert employed Photoshop to complete a adjustment of the iceman, reversing the body and build an further cutaway, that is just a little scaled-down in comparison with the initial one on the Iceman. Paul made two models from the firemam, 1 with Korina physique, known as pgmfm1 later, another one with mahogany body, identified as pgmfm2 later. Why the guitar is called Fireman? At 1st, Gilbert called it reversed Iceman, but soon after one of Gilbert's enthusiasts found it in a video in which Gilbert was playing with the guitar on-line, the admirer feel since it really is a reversed Iceman, then the opposite aspect of ice is fire, thus why not name it Fireman. So he recommended Paul to give it the name "Fireman". Paul favored his idea. In 2009, Ibanez Company officially released the product, and Gilbert soon acquired this Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar, employing it in his cds and numerous stage performances. This is the story in the birth.


    Several Editions of Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar


    Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar - 1. PGMFRM1 Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar - 2. PGMFRM2

    Body: Korina
    Neck: 3-piece Korina/Bubinga
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Neck Structure: Set-in
    Bridge:Gibraltar II
    Tailpiece: Quik Change II
    Neck PU:DiMarzio Area '67
    Mid PU:DiMarzio Area '67
    Bridge PU: DiMarzio Area '67
    Price: $7000 around

    Body: Mahogany body with a cherry top
    Neck:3-Piece Mahogany/Bubinga
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Neck structure: set-in
    Bridge: Gibraltar II
    Tailpiece: Quik Change II
    Neck PU: DiMarzio Air Classic
    Bridge PU: DiMarzio Air Classic

    Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar - 3. FRM100TR (Ibanez's latest product)

    Body: Mahogany
    Neck: 3-Piece Mahogany/Maple
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Neck structure: set-in
    Bridge: Tight Tune Bridge
    Neck PU: DiMarzio Injector
    Mid PU: DiMarzio Injector
    Bridge PU: DiMarzio Area '67


    The upper mentioned pickups are all specially designated by Paul


    4. Kikusui Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar - Custom Edition, the edition we replicated


    Considering that this model was custom created for Gilbert, Ibanez hadn't launched it with large amounts, however we are able to view it in certain videos, it really is Paul's unique instrument and really precious, similar to pgmfm2.

    Paul Gilbert Fireman    Paul Gilbert Fireman Guitar


    Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar Custom Edition Design features


    Paul's design idea was influenced by Michael Anthony's Jack Daniel bass, Michael ever got the idea "Why cannot he own a instrument just like the wine bottle he favored. Long time living in Japan, Paul Gilbert prefers a sort of Japanese sake known as Kikusui, so Gilbert inherited the writing style with the Japanese trademark "菊水", light blue body just as the hue of the bottle, the body tagged with "菊水" , the volume switches and tune controls employing bottle caps.

    Paul Gilbert Ibanez Fireman

    Once the Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar was finished, Paul Gilbert highly praised it. Paul Gilbert stated Ibanez had completed a terrific work, converting my thoughts into reality, creating a guitar which sounds and plays really great. Gilbert used this specific electric guitar in MR. Big Reunion tour in Japan.


    Body: Mahogany
    Neck: Mahogany
    Fret board: Rosewood
    Neck structure: Set-in
    Bridge: T-O-M style
    Pickups: Wilkinson

    Ibanez Fireman
    Ibanez Paul Gilbert Fireman Ibanez Fireman Guitar


    Since this specific instrument hasn't been mass made, there's no place for most Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar collectors to buy it. That's exactly why we choose it out to duplicate it, however this does not mean that we are able to solely replicate this version of Fireman. If you don't like this variation but other designs of Fireman, we're also able to perfectly craft them to suit your needs!!


    Within the process of copying this Kikusui Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar, we meticulously checked out almost all details of it, accessing to a large amount of drawings and data and building a flawlessly truthful copy of the initial electric guitar.


    Custom Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar Pickups


    Concerning the pickups, since it's Paul's personal customized design, the pickups had been implemented just in accordance with his preference, so we choose much more reasonably priced Wilkinson pick-ups instead of the initial ones. If you're not satisfied using the pickups or have your own personal selection, please inform us about it.!!


     Our Custom Made Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar Specifications

      Body Wood: Mahogany
    Neck Wood: Mahogany
    Construction: Set-in
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Inlays: Pearl Dot Inlays
    Binding: Black Binding
    Scale Length: 24.75"
    Frets: 22
    Pickups: 2 Wilkinson Humbuckers
    Switch: 3-Way Selection Switch
    Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone
    Headstock: Ibanez Style
    Bridge: T-O-M and Stop Tailpiece
    Hardware: Gold Finish
    Finish: Light Blue Finish
    Strings: D'Addario


    Given that our guitars are made with a small volume, the price, in comparison with those custom manufactured instruments, is definitely more inexpensive, but simultaneously, the inventory is restricted, so should you genuinely want this specific Paul Gilbert Signature Guitar, please take the chance to get in touch with us right away.

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