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Group Buying Event


Thank you so much for your attention and support to Rare in such a long time. We are now launching the newest Group sale event  The Group Sale Discount will be given to group orders which over 10 participants. If you want to order a guitar from us, you can post the group-buying events information on your Facebook, Twitter, guitar forums and other social network platforms, and call on others to order the guitar with you together. As long as the group number totals up to 10,  you and all of the participants will get this significant discount. This offer is a long-term effective offer.


Many guitarists often email us that they love our guitars and want to order them very much, only expecting some discount. We deeply understand it, and also know that a guitar lover need to buy the corresponding amplifier, effect, pedal etc. in addition to a guitar, so their budget may be relatively tight, but please understand our situation as well.  As we all know, we are not a guitar factory which using assembly line to produce large quantity of products at one time, but a guitar work shop which only build well made guitars according to our customers’ requirements. All of our guitars are handmade custom guitars, so our orders are extremely scattered, which led to higher and higher labor cost. You may find that the prices of our guitars are continues to rise, and never drop down.  


Thus, in order to give our customers a better price while considering our survival at the same times, we are now launching the Group buying Event, as long as you can call on 10 people with you buying together through Facebook, Twitter, guitar forums and any other social network platforms, we will give you and all of the participants a huge discount.  By far, many customers have already participated in this event, and we also have lots of experience and examples about this kind of group sale event. If you are interested in it, please email us to get more detailed information. We will 100% support you, providing more suggestion and help of whole procedures and practice methods. Expecting your participation!


If you would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us 

Sharing with your friends and Getting $50 momeny back !


Share our products, links, pictures on your facebook, google+, Pinterest etc. social networks over 50 times, you will get our $50 money back on your purchase ! 

If you want to share our products and workshop information on facebook, BBS, twitter and other social networking platforms, you can just click these buttons on any product pages of our website, and then the sharing can be easily done. You can only use one account to share 1-2 products each day. It means these 50 times sharing must be separated into at less 30 days. You can also invite your friends to participate in it together. After you share 50 products or pages information, you will get a coupon of $50 from us as long as you send us the screen shots. We will immediately send you the coupon. Expecting your participation. This activity is valid for a long time. 


 Fox example:  you can click any of these button to share a product on your social networks.



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If you would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us