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Rare Hand Painted Guitars

Do you want a unique looking guitar that only belongs to you? 
If you are a guitarist and you want a nice looking “axe”, you are in the right place. Choose a custom hand painted or a relic guitar will satisfy 
your desire. You can select whichever guitar you like as the base. 
Rare Hand Painted Guitars
In Rare's work team, there are many professional hand painting artists who have engaged in studying hand painted guitars for years. We choose the 
highest quality and expressive paint to show the most beautiful colors. Our specially developed paint mixing method could make sure the painting 
finish will last many years and won't fade with the time and weather. Obviously, the hand painting service still at very competitive prices. We're 
confident about our artists' high technicals. This work calls for great patience. People who like hand painted guitars with unique drawing or 
character design, you might contact us at anytime.
Here are some photos to show you some great works of our artists. 
We do what we do because we have to. And in the process, it is our sincerest hope that our art - like good music - will bring joy, pleasure, and love. 
We are very excited to offer custom designed and hand painted electric guitars. We have the most recognized artist in creating hand painted 
instruments. Each custom hand painted guitar is finished with a gloss,semi gloss or matte finish top coat. You can choose whatever you like freely.
On anther hand, we are not only imitators but also innovators. The paint includes various popular designs and any other design ideas you can think of.
We use only the very best paint on every project for a professional finish. And if you are not sure what design you want, we can design artwork on the computer, so 
you can see how the design would look. We design graphics, flames or other artwork that will become your property.
Details Show
Look at the painting carefully. It is very smooth and has a strong third dimension. You can always rely on us for any style of custom hand painted guitar. 
The Steve Vai's JEM77 FP
Roses, daisies, sunflowers or whatever flowers you like can add beauty and style to your guitars. Floral designs can be mixed with other designs such 
as skulls for a "beauty and the beast" or Guns and Roses look. Flowers are popular designs for custom hand painted jobs. Flowers are not just for 
females. A red flower on a white guitar is very sexy. See another painting job, very elegant!
Jimmy Page's Dragon Tele
For beautifully hand painted instead of vinyl decals, you need a professional painter. Our design lines are technical computer photo-shop drawings and 
carefully painted. No rookie work here! Look at some of our custom hand painted guitars, which is a skill that takes about ten to twenty years to 
fully master. 
 Joe Satriani's Hand Painted JS Series
The same body painted in different design, bring different scenery, why not try some unique style to mark yourself out? Mail us for much HD pictures. If you want affordable high quality hand painted guitars, please don’t hesitate to contact us.