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The Story Between Rare and You

Hi, this is Cherry and I believe many of you have known me.
Welcome to the rare guitar custom shop, and you have taken the first step to realize your dream by choosing us. Let’s make your dream come true——possessing your own perfect guitar!
Firstly, you can communicate the details of the guitar you want to our service staff without any obstacles. All of our service staff have a good knowledge of the guitar. You just need to list your requirements in the email. We will give you feedback in the shortest time and solve all your problems one to one.
Secondly, before the processing, our professional service staff will search the material about your guitar to guarantee the accuracy of the specs and make detailed drawings for you. Once the processing is beginning ,our luthiers will check all your requirements again and complete the processing as soon as possible on the basis of a good quality. After finished, we will take some HD pictures for you and arrange the shipping as soon as possible with your confirmation. If you have any questions in this procedure, you can feel free to contact us by email. We will help you to solve the problem in the first time. In a word, everyone of our staff will be here in front of the computer to answer your questions from the moment we receive you enquiry. Every day, we will serve you heart and soul.
A true story is more persuasive than a moving narrative. As a member of rare, I would like to share our stories with you.
Paul and His Customized Skull Guitar
Mr. Paul from UK contacted us and ask for a customized Skull and Bones guitar body during last October.  Although, this is just a guitar body, but the processing works even more difficult in fact, especially the carving. You may think it seems quite normal request for a guitar.  But the key problem is that Mr. Paul  wanted to install his own hardware and pickup after receive it which needs the size of every joint section is exactly the same as his requirements.  Most customers think this is a very easy order since it is just a body without any hardware. But it’s wrong in fact.  If there is a detail different from the requirement of customer, he will not be able to install the hardware he want. It is disappointed to our respect client. Therefore, in order to allow our client to receive a satisfactory guitar, our luthier will measure the size of every slot and hole correctly and carefully in case of any mistake. So though this case, you might understand more that sometimes we must do more work for these semi-products than for a whole guitar which may needs more processing time. Happy ending, Mr. Paul received his guitar body he want with 100% satisfaction and matched his guitar headstock and neck very well. He sent us a picture afterwards.  Very cool ! We are very thankful to him for his big support.
Click the photo to get in the page of Our Skull and Bones Guitar 
 Mr. Ankuron and his dream ---  Ankuron style "Fireman" guitar 
 Ankuron is a characteristic young customer who likes the Fireman guitar of Paul Gilbert, but he wanted to make some changes to it: adding an f design and Japanese character on the front body, adding a bridge calvity cover on the back body, having his name on the headstock, changing the inlays on the fretboard and using specific style pickups and bridge, etc. Afer receive his order, we read all of his requirements carefully and answer each of his email with sincerity whether sending him pictures for reference or using words to express. We gave reasonable suggestions on some parts and also discussed with him in order to achieve the best result. After more than 10 emails between us, we finally confirmed all his custom requirements. Because some requirements need us to make drawings and modeling, we sent him several drafts to allow him to have a preview of the future guitar. We started processing work after we build the model according to the confirmed drawings. 
Obviously this is an order with many custom requirements, it needs a lot of things to be done in the preparatory work. We rather tell these difficulties to our customer than we arranged the production as his requirements with great patience. And all these vitally necessary works were really cost us lots of time. There are quite a few customers who might not understand our effort and even complain about our processing time. Frankly speaking, we really have to pay much more attention to complete every step, we sincere hope to get your understanding.  
After finished, we sent him some processing pictures. He was so satisfied and rest assured. In this way we completed his guitar successfully step by step. When he saw his finished guitar, he immediately email us back to express his satisfaction and appreciation for our professional and dedicated attitude. Knowing our strength, he decided to buy a guitar for his brother and soon we receive the second order from him.
Here are some photos of this very beautiful "fireman"  thank you so much for your trust Ankuron !
Although our clients have many requests and some even complaint that our processing time is long, we are still very thankful for their support and trust. We think, as a professional custom guitar shop, we should always be ready to accept the requirements from our clients, which can not be ignored, declined ,refuted or refused. We should try our best to solve the problem not only according to customers' thought but also give reasonable suggestions from a professional side.
There are many clients like Ankuron who would like to make some special changes on the basis of our regular guitar. This is just a kind of our orders.  In fact, as a custom guitar shop with many years of experience, Rare is also good at making some superior difficult,demanding guitars. For example, the guitars which are alreayd hard to find in the market and  we can not even find some HD pictures on Internet. Here is a story of this kind. 
It is  very Rare and we have done it for you!  
Mr. Ray is from US. He wanted a Rick Nielsen Uncle Dick double-neck guitar to be made. He told us that it is a guitar played by his admired artist and he dreamed to possess a guitar like this since he was a child. He saw the custom information on our website by chance and found us, hope we can help him to realize his dream. After received his order, we spent a lot of energy and time to search the detailed reference data about this guitar, looking for every corner of the Internet. However, it is still not enough in the end, a considerable part of the data is missing. But our designers and luthiers created and modified the drawings repeatedly depending on years of experience until every piece of details can be fit the processing demand and can put into use. Then base on this drawing, we started to test the model repeatedly. Days, weeks, I think it took more then 12 weeks, finally we enter the normal processing flow. 
Just these prepare work had consumed us quite a long time. We beg your understanding again. At the moment when this guitar is finished, every member of our team is so excited, giving a hug to each other and signed so many of our efforts finally paid off. We felt very happy to help our customer realize his dream at the same time. To memorize this great job done, we shot a lot of HD pictures to put on our website, not only for showing our excellent skills but also for expressing our idea to help more people who like this guitar realize their dream. Although this kind of order is of high difficulty, we will try our best to accept the challenge. And for this high difficult order, the price advantage of rare can not be compared by other custom shop. What we need is just your understanding and tolerance about the hand over duration.
Click the photo to get in the page of our Rick Nielsen Uncle Dick double-neck guitar
Lastly, I want to let you know, as a professional guitar-custom team, it is our aim to ensure our customers getting the best all-around service experiences when they customize guitars. We are continually optimizing every detail in the guitar-custom process for our customers, trying our best to provide our customers with professional and careful service of high quality and superior products  produced by Rare. From pre-sales to the formation of parameter lists, from production to after sale and technical support, every department of our team are tightly cooperating for your guitars and every member in our team are cautiously and conscientiously working for your guitars, attentively improving the quality of our service, continually studying to improve our technique, we haven’t slacked for a moment. With no doubt that all of our customers and friends have been favored Rare for years, we deeply know that it is the result of our effort. In the new year, our team will work harder to offer more considerable and more perfect products and services. Thank you! 
Cherry and all Rare staff

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