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Rare FAQ

Special statement  About the long processing time for custom orders


Recently there are customers state that the processing time for our custom guitars is too long, here we would like to clarify it for all of our customers. We are a professional custom guitar shop, so when you place a custom order in our shop, our related staff need to look through and integrate all the complex data in order to know all the detailed characteristics of this guitar, including the body, neck, fingerboard wood, nut and string width parameters, and accurate positioning of the guitar body shape, the cutting angle and radius. For the guitar which has only one image for reference, or the one had stopped production a long time ago, we need even more time to search for its relevant information, and confirm all the data with our luthiers. After that, our designers also need to look through lots of related pictures to make an accurate drawings for your guitar, and our specialized mold maker will make a special mold for you, which is a very important work before making guitars. Once we got the wrong data, the drawings will be wrong, and each link after that will probably go wrong. Thus, in order to ensure the guitar we produced is completely consistent with the original guitar in shape, we would pay 100% special attention to this part. And before starting the production, our professional luthiers will choose the perfect wood for you personally, and you know that wood is the very important factors for guitar, so choosing wood is absolutely  significant part. 


So we just want to tell you that before the guitar building processing start , we need to do a lot of the necessary preparatory work, which will take a lot of our time. We understand that you are all eager to receive your beloved guitars, and we have always been accelerating our speed on the premise of quality assurance, but we really hope that you can also understand our situation, after all, the guitars from Rare are all made by hand, they cant compare with the speed of OEM products, but as we all know, our guitars are of high quality and play ability. We really need to treat every link with caution, in order to guarantee the guitar comes out the way as you imagined. Even if what you want is not a custom guitar, and only needs us to make small changes from the original style, but we will need to change the drawings for you. Or you may just want to change the paint color, we will need to make the special paint color for you. So in order to ensure a completely same color, we need many times to repeatedly test it, which requires more time. So in a few words, we sincerely hope that you can understand the attentions we have done for your guitars, and please gives us a little more patience. 


In fact, all the works we mentioned above are the regular works for every custom shop.If you are familiar with guitar custom industry, you will understand, as for the speed, Rare is really the industry leader comparing with the other custom shops which would take six months or even longer to build a custom guitar. We don't want to sacrifice quality for the speed. Both you and us won''t accept the fact that we speed up and led to the quality default.


Thank you for your attention.


Rare Custom Guitars was founded in 2005. Since that time, many other custom guitar companies have come and gone, trying to offer the quality,customizeability and affordability of a custom made Rare guitar. The fact that Rare Custom Guitars has not only survived, but also grown, reflects positively about our business versus some our competitors. 


The Most questioned FAQ


Are these photos on your website are real your guitar?


With the accumulation of our personal customized orders, our skill of processing guitar is getting mature day by day, and our technology of doing the old and hand painting is constantly innovated and perfected, more and more difficult guitars are conquered by us. Recent months, we are starting to receive letters from some visitors to questioned us, even slandered us in the forum, doubting the pictures we used are our real guitars but the pictures from the official website. We here state to all the customer, the detailed pictures we listed on the website are all taken by ourselves(picture of solid wood door background and picture of light color wall background).And we promise to you ,in the processing, we will constantly take pictures of products which is being processed.We know these misunderstandings are all from our recent guitars which are too difficult to make. Very few people can make these guitars in the market but we did it successfully.So we can understand the doubts from  guitar amateurs. If you still have any questions, please contact us directly. We certainly can provide the pictures of processing so as to eliminate your doubts.


Why choose Rare Custom Guitars?




As one of the first companies to offer affordable guitar customization, Rare has become a trusted source for custom made guitars. 




As avid guitar players ourselves, we understand the importance of playability, durability and affordability. Rare Custom Guitars offers guitars that can be enjoyed by both first-time guitar owners and seasoned professionals, without breaking the bank. We love what we do, and we hope that is evident when you receive your Rare guitar. 


Higher Quality.


With all the radical designs, paint colors and custom options, the quality of a Rare guitar is often mistakenly overlooked. By offering precision setups, high-quality components and tone woods, Rare Custom Guitars offers one of the best guitars available in this price range.


Personal Customer Support.


Rare offers email and social networking options for any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.  As a company dedicated to satisfying customers, we will do what it takes to make your guitar-purchasing experience an easy one.


Why are the prices so affordable?


Frist of all, we build all our guitars from scratch at our own workshop.   We bulk sourced the materials and components, so the material cost and producing cost have been vastly lowered, which allows us to present much lower prices and give every guitar enthusiast a chance to have a fantastic guitar with an affordable price. We sell all our guitars directly to you (the end user). This means you get workshop direct pricing because there are no 3rd party guitar manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or other middlemen between you and us. 


Secondly, compared with those big brands custom shops.  with our custom shop, there are almost no big differencese, nomatter the tonewood, material or  the workmanship.   The most obvious difference is that we are using Wilkinson pickups and hardware instead of those very expensive original accessories, and there are also no world-famous luthiers involved in our producing process. This is one of main reasons why our price is not so high like theirs. 


Here is a review from one of our customer, you like interest to have a look what he said about us.



How is the playability of Rare guitars?


We would like to say that our guitar is absolutely able to play, and it is not a toy hanging on the wall. Our guitars have no frets buzz problems as mentioned above, then let's talk about our guitar 's tone features. Guitar's tone is affected by a variety of factors like shape and wood, which we can process according to customers’ requirements for original guitar. But we think that the main factor affecting tone is pickups.  However, many famous guitars' pickups are limited or persional customized for the guitarlist, it  can't be bought at all, or even if it can be found, but particularly expensive, and some even exceed our guitar’s price. So all our guitars are equipped with the Wilkinson hardware and pickups. Although Wilkinson is not a big brand, but it is also very good according to our customers' feedback. But if you especially request it to be consistent with the original guitar, however, it may not make you completely satisfied. After all, it belongs to low-end accessories. Of course, if the reality condition is ok, and you also have enough economic strength, even you require to use original guitar equipments, we can satisfy you. Besides, guitars’ tone also depends on the amps, effects and so on, and you can use these peripheral devices to achieve the guitar’s original tone.  About this, we have the following recommendation, which also comes from one of our customers. 


Guitar -related FAQ 


What is the guitar made of?


Rare bodies, necks and fingerboards are all handcrafted from premium tone woods. 


Body woods include Alder, Ash, Basswood, Mahogany, various figured Maples, and some other exotic woods. 


Neck woods include Maple, Mahogany and some other exotic woods. 


Fingerboard woods include Maple, Rosewood, Ebony, and some other exotic woods. 


How much set up and adjustment do I have to do when I get my guitar?


All you need are very basic mechanical skills. Your guitar will come 100% assembled and set up in the box. You don't evenl have to tune the guitar, we have done the tuning before shipping.


What is the difference between a fixed bridge and a tremolo bridge?


A fixed bridge has significantly fewer moveable parts compared to a tremolo bridge. 


If you want to do whammy bar tricks, then you need a tremolo bridge. 


If you want a simple guitar that is easier to maintain, then you should consider a fixed bridge. 


What scale length should I get?


Rare offers various scale lengths. You should choose your scale length based on the tuning you plan to use on your instrument. 


For guitar, you should choose a relatively shorter scale length (24.75" to 25.50") if you plan to tune your guitar to EADGBE, or something similar. 


You should choose a relatively longer scale length (25.50" and above) if you plan to down tune - for example, BEADF#B - or something similar. 


How much do your guitars weigh?


Fully assembled, our guitars weigh 6.5 lbs to 9 lbs. This varies slightly depending on the wood type, the components and the size of the body/headstock.


Ordering FAQ


What credit cards do you accept? 


We accept Visa, MasterCard and Paypal payment is most welcomed.


I do not have a credit card. Can I pay another way? 


Yes, we also accept PayPal, WestUnin, money orders, and bank deposits. 


What is your return and warranty policy?


All Rare guitars carry a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner from the date of purchase. 


For full details, visit here: 


If your guitar shows up with a broken or defective part, don’t sweat it! We will make it right.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with anything you have purchased from us, we want to hear about it. Tell us what the problem is and how we can fix it. Our policy is to make our customers happy.


We have a hassle free return policy and offer full refunds on the instrument as long as we receive it back in good condition.


For full Shipping and Return Policy, visit here: 

Returns Policy

Refunds Policy


What if I cancel an order before it ships?


You are able to cancelled the orders at any time before you make the we start to build your guitar.  Please contact us as soon as possible so we don't begin to make it!


Rare Custom Shop guitar orders cannot be cancelled after receiving your payment and signed Full Specification Sheet. 


Custom Shop FAQ


What kind of woods are available?


We stock the following woods: Mahogany, Alder, Ash, and Basswood. Other woods are available at an additional price because we don’t stock it, and we’d have to buy it specially for your custom shop order. 


Can you build the neck with the exact thickness and contour I want?


We handcraft all our necks so we cannot offer precise thicknesses and contours. However, we can get reasonably close to what you want if you provide us with all the specifications.


Can you build the guitar or bass with the exact string spacing I want?


Yes. The string spacing at the nut and bridge is your choice. Just let us know what you want. 


Do you offer oil finishes?


Yes. We offer tung oil finishes at an additional price. However, we do not warranty tung oil necks because they require maintainance and we cannot control how well the neck is maintained after it leaves our shop. 


Do you offer custom inlays? 


Yes. We offer custom inlays at an additional price. You just need to send us your inlay design and let us know what kind of material (abalone, mother of pearl, acrylic, etc.) and color (black, white, etc.) you want for the inlays. 


What kind of pickups can I choose? 


You can choose any brand and model pickup you want. We purchase pickups directly from EMG, Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle Pickups, Lace, and many others.