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Relic Work

Do you want a unique looking guitar that only belongs to you? 
If you are a guitarist and you want a nice looking “axe”, you are in the right place. Choose a custom hand painted or a relic guitar will satisfy 
your desire. You can select whichever guitar you like as the base. 




 Relic Work

Our Guitar Custom Shop offers you a full line of Custom Relic Finishes; from the Closet Classic to the medium and heavy Roadworn finishes. These finishes can be selected right from the drop down menus we provide while ordering your parts.

The photos below are only a few samples of the type of work we can do; we encourage you the customer to send us a photo and we will go to a great extent to match it. This method allows you the customer to be in control and not at the mercy of the finisher.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.


Relic bodies with or without white undercoats depending on era.

Some bodies are undercaoted in 3 tone burst then painted over as per original

Fender bodies where this finish was not up to par so then repainted in a solid color..  

Body and neck finish checking