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Relic Guitar- Why You Should Buy One


What are Relic guitars anyway? A relic is really a brand new guitar made to look really old by master builders from Fender; and in fact in recent times by Gibson too.

Why? Why would someone buy a rusty; yellowing, scratched up piece of rotting wood? This question is really hot on almost all the videos and articles I've read. Some even criticize Fender and Gibson for making these guitars. Their angle was that these telecaster relic or strat relic guitars are 'reserved' for the talented and 'older' musician that have gone through the relic process with their guitar.

To answer this question Fender Relic guitars; we must understand that the great guitar players that we listened to and love were the ones who created the demand in the first place! Why on earth would they do something like that? They have the original vintage guitars! You know, the ones that were properly played every night, scratched and dropped that was worth a fortune now.

And there u have it. It's worth a fortune! These pro musicians had their vintage masterpieces copied from scratch and then artificially relic-ed to look exactly like their original. This prevented theft. Just imagine if u had an original 57 vintage stratocaster that was worth $100k and was stolen after a show on your tour? It has happened to Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton! So with a relic; they could keep their prized asset at home in a large vault safe and sound.

But then something astonishing happened. These pros loved the feel and sound of these new Fender Relic guitars better than their rusting, scratched up vintage! It looked exactly the same; but sounded better and cost so much less that it was unbelievable. No one would have guessed that that was a relic guitar if u see them on stage! The new, relic-ed guitar with vintage specification fender pickup models sounded so good it must have been a vintage, one may think!

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