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Build Your Dream Relic Guitar


Are you looking for your “number one” that you can rely on night after night to provide you with unsurpassed tone, playability, and mojo? Are you looking for a relic guitar which looks like that it has been existed for 30-40 years? Are you looking for a guitar company that will build this kind of relic guitar around your ideas and needs?


Whatever your reason for arriving here, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a Relic custom-made guitar for YOU, not for whomever happens to walk through the door looking for six strings attached to a piece of wood. You want more than what the big stores can give. You want a guitar that reflects you and your unique style. A guitar that is an extension of who you are. A guitar that you’ve known for years but haven’t met. Until now.


Building relic custom guitars is our passion and we take it very seriously. From the first call to the first strum and beyond, we are here for you and your needs. Everything, from the tip of the neck to the bottom of the body, will be sized and designed around the music you play, the equipment you use, and you. Anything else is not a custom guitar.
Welcome to Our Custom Shop. After you’ve had a chance to look around, please feel free to call me and we’ll discuss your “number one.”