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Custom Service Principles



As a professional Guitar Custom Shop, we always comply with the following principles:

Customer First
— Our vision and mission statement highlight our desire to create a customer-centric environment. We are here to provide world class customer service and to place the needs of the customer first. In all we do, we never forget that our customers need us to be the experts they expect us to be; and to serve their needs in a polite, professional and helpful way.


— We know that our customers are contacting us because they need action. They expect us to be ready, willing and able to quickly solve their problem, answer their questions or provide other forms of support. We will never pass the buck, procrastinate or make excuses. We will take the actions necessary to provide the level of high quality customer support we strive to be known for.


— Our goal is to resolve problems and provide solutions. We will do all we can to resolve all issues until our customers feel fully satisfied. Our commitment is to follow-up, follow-thru and solve problems no matter what.


Exceed Expectations
— We strive to do more than our customers expect and will go the extra distance to support our customers' needs. By putting our customers first and taking action to quickly resolve issues, we are trying our best to exceed the expectations of our customer every day.