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Latest Custom Builds To Familiarize You With Our Capabilities


Our custom Guitars are unique due to the fact that our guitars cross all boundaries. We have no steadfast rules and are not afraid of the challenge to build something new or different. We builds various guitars, from headless innovative instruments to the most beautiful boutique hand-built guitars in the universe. There is few Custom Shops like our Shop.


The following are guitars customized in our custom shop!




The Iceman custom guitar is for one of our customers called Todd from Kansas, who wanted to use it replace a custom guitar that was stolen years ago when he was on the road. Todd is a lead guitarist and he plays a type of metal that is heavily influenced by blues, classical, folk and ancient Egyptian/Roman music. He likes a guitar that basically plays itself. He likes scooped middles and chunky low-end and screaming high-end with sustain that gets the panties flying onto the stage. To build his dreamed guitar, Todd also sent us a picture and hope that we can customize one like that.



The picture sent by Todd! 


Guitars made by our shop for Todd! 


Tired of playing the same old gear you can get in every store? How about having a truly one-of-a-kind instrument made especially for you? Come to our shop and contact us, you'll be surprised!


Our guitars are available for purchase by visiting our shop or by mail order. For additional details or questions please e-mail with your full contact information, and I, or one of my staff will respond as soon as possible.


We hope to see you soon.



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