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For Lefty Players

The world may not be "right" on a lot of days, but it's certainly a right-handed world. Left-handers - estimated at 10-15% of all people - get a raw deal. Scissors, golf clubs, special non-smudging pens (think about writing on paper with your left, right-handers!), jar openers, gardening tools and more… All are specialized products you may need if you are left-handed.


And then there are guitars. Many years ago, left-handers simply adapted as best they could. Albert King simply flipped his guitar and played upside-down, bass E-string at the top. Jimi Hendrix used right-handed guitars but re-strung them for left-hand playing. Some left-handers - Gary Moore, Mark Knopfler, Billy Corgan, Paul Simon and others - learned to play "right-handed," and with stunning results. But some people only play left-handed…


Many left handed guitar players have learned to play the guitar using an instrument designed for a right handed artist. Unfortunately, many left handed musicians find it awkward to master strumming the guitar with their less coordinated, non-dominant hand. This is because strumming the guitar takes more strength and dexterity than holding the cords along the guitar’s neck. Reversing the strings on a right handed guitar is not the same as purchasing a left handed instrument. Because left handed guitars are specialty musical equipment, finding a guitar that meets individual needs and accommodates the player's style is more difficult for a left handed guitarist than it is for a right handed guitarist.


As a professional guitar custom shop, we totally understand the trouble for a left handed guitarist to choose an ideal and suitable guitar.Among all of the guitar styles, the number of left hand versions guitars is so miserly small! As for left handed relic guitars, the situation turns even worse! But in our custom shop, you are the most welcomed customers. No matter which guitars you are interested in, we can make it left handed for you, no problem! And you can even just send us pictures of a right handed guitar, we can easily change it to the left one. Amazing, isn't it? 


And remember, not being "right" doesn't mean you are wrong. You are left.


This is our custom made left handed SRV guitar



Tips for left-handers


Luke Morley’s view is clearly that of one player. We’re all different, whether right or left-handed. But as this diagram shows (from LeftHandersDay.com) naturally left-handed people tend to veer towards the artistic.


In short, the brain’s left hemisphere (right-handed dominance) controls speech, language, writing, logic, mathematics, science – it’s called the Linear Thinking Mode. The brain’s right hemisphere (left-handed dominance) controls music, art, creativity, perception, emotions and, apparently, “genius.” This is known as the Holistic Thinking Mode. Hey, left-handers get the fun stuff!  So, what can you do to maximize your left-hand playing?



1. Get a proper set-up


If you flip a right-handed guitar over and re-string – like Jimi Hendrix – get your “new” guitar set-up properly. Bridge, nut and action will all be affected by re-stringing.


2. Buy left-handed products 


Left-handers’ chord and scale books are now widely available, such as this Hal Leonard Tutorial Book for beginners. If you can “get by” with regular right-hander tutorials, fine, but your brain may find it easier to deal with bespoke “leftism” tools.


3. Learn more


Lefties help each other. LeftyFretz has good and free l/h resources for guitarists. Uncommon Sound is a huge book devoted to studying left-handed guitarists.


4. Buy a left-handed guitar


When selecting a guitar for purchase, it is important to begin by setting both a purpose and a budget. This will help narrow the field of options early in the process, and give the buyer a more manageable list of guitar models to choose from. Read reviews of the guitars online. If possible, try to investigate what others who have purchased each guitar are saying about its performance. Make a list of pros and cons for each model. Read product information guides and details for each guitar as well. Find out what type of wood the main body of the guitar and the neck are made from. You can then choose to either shop online or offline at music stores for the guitar that’s right for you.

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