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Quality and Price

Why so cheap?

One same guitar, even if they are all handmade, but may be quite different in producing process, extent of details pursuit and degree of perfection, which is why some products of big brands, especially of their custom shop are expensive. However, a sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs. We may be not as good as them in hardware and software, but we have all the facilities. Please rest assured about that. We just don’t use more expensive original accessories, and there are also no world-famous luthiers involved in our producing process. This is one of main reasons why our price is not so high like theirs.

Meanwhile, we bulk sourced the materials and components, so the material cost and producing cost have been vastly lowered, which allows us to present much lower prices and give every guitar enthusiast a chance to have a fantastic guitar with an affordable price.

Why a little expensive?

Recently, some customers wrote to us that the price of our guitars is a little more expensive than other sellers’ replicas, asking us why! Honestly, compared to first-line big brands, although we are not good enough in hardware and technicians. But, compared to some low-end guitar makers, we are still slightly better than them in hardware, producing systems, especially in degree of detail pursuit and quality control. And our advantage lies in that we can keep every link of guitar producing in control. For example.

a. Material Selection

Firstly, all guitar wood is solid wood instead of plywood. And we hold responsible attitude to our customers, greatly respect for the original guitar specification. All wood we select can basically maintain the same as the original guitar. Even if we can’t, we will clearly explain it to you in the product descriptions or emails. This means that we will  never cut corners in material selection to save cost like some low-end manufacturers. As far as we know, in order to cut costs, some makers always use some cheap wood, such as basswood, even plywood. As after painting, it is different to check out what wood it is from the appearance. In this case, only here, they can save about $15-$20. Here we will teach you some ways to identify the quality of wood.

Identify by weighing. You can check whether the wood is right by asking the seller to offer you wood weighing photos, because basswood is relatively light of all the wood.  So the weight can reflect, and this is one way. But sometimes this method is not reliable, because some sellers choose to pour sand into the timber to achieve this weight. such behavior is the shame of guitar manufacturing, but we don’t deny this behavior exists on the market. Then, if in this case, how to identify it? You can distinguish by removing off the pickups, observing the texture of wood. We believe that most guitar lovers have this ability. Of course, if you are a new beginner and are not very good in this section, you can send letters to ask us, we are willing to do everything we can to help you.

Secondly, you also can check through the color of fretboard. Good quality fretboard has uniform color, and poor fretboard has particularly evident color block and large gap. Some manufacturers choose to use poor fretboard to save $10-$15 dollars. As for these two details, please do pay attention.

b. We have professional Quality Inspector to supervise the link of painting. Painting is the most difficult and also the most problematic aspects of all processes. And problems in this part are also difficult to be found through photos, such as some serious paint points and impurities. That means guitar you buy online is difficult to be found painting problems from pictures. If there are problems in painting on our guitars, we will strictly repair it. Painting cost is the highest of all production chains, and rework cost is even higher. Some manufacturers will ignore these problems in order to save $20-$25 at least. But we will never yield to these issues, and we will never deceive customers by making use of their eyes. What’s more, a good guitar, its index of gloss and brightness will be relatively high, and you can justify the guitar’s craftsmanship by observing its gloss, brightness, as well as whether there is too much paint impurities and debris on its painting.

c. From mid-May 2013, we specially hired two tuners to be responsible for checking frets buzz problems. Because each inspector is responsible for every aspect before, it was perhaps not so comprehensive and thoughtful when busy. As an experienced guitar custom shop, all our employees are well aware how serious frets buzz is to a guitarist. So we hired these two professional tuners and they will do repetitive guitar tuning and testing to ensure that all guitars have no frets buzz problems before shipping.


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