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Robbin Crosby Owned Guitar


According to the public auction, "What you are firms on here is a RARE one off especially designed Firebird V11 for ROBBIN CROSBY, unique participant of the popular rock-band RATT. I purchased this instrument from Robbin after he remaining the group and was residing in The display biz industry Ca. around 1993. This is a one of one only instruments that was created just for Robbin. Gibson used some beginning Gibson areas on the instrument, such as the mature amount and overall tone buttons, and the lengthy silver Lyre end item and vibrato bar that Robbin provided to the customized shop to put on the instrument. Also, the instrument has the mature silver banjo adjusting pegs. I never brought out the trucks to see if they are beginning 1964 trucks or not, I didn't want to slide with a screw driver and hit the complete. They could be beginning trucks, but not sure unless they are taken out. I want to keep them unchanged. The next guy can take the instrument apart if he prefers to see what season the trucks are. That really doesn't issue anyway because the instrument appears to be amazing. The instrument is what it is and its a unique one off especially designed for a stone celebrity. 

The instrument comes with its unique darkish situation with the fluffy violet lining from the 80's. The mixture secure is damaged but that is how it was when I purchased it from Robbin. Robbin had several classic cigarettes yellow-colored instruments in his selection because he liked that shade, so he had Gibson do this fowl in that shade as well. This is the only Gibson Firebird VII ever created in this cigarettes yellow-colored shade according to Gibson. All the containers time frame from 1984 and the instrument was created on Feb 19, 1985 at the Chattanooga flower. 
When I purchased the instrument from Robbin he also provided me it clip that he unquestionably instrument in. It is their 1986 movie for the songs "DANCE" created by the Berle organization and RATT and ROLL businesses. This movie also comes with the instrument. That product alone is value some cash since it is rare and it was Robbin's duplicate. Duplicates of the DANCE movie were created for the group and promotion for the group and a few buddies. I put some images from the dance songs movie displaying Robbin enjoying this instrument on level. 
The instrument still has the same post on it that when I purchased it. I haven't performed it that much previous times 17 decades, so Robbin most likely performed it way more than me. Actually it still has the same old post on it when I purchased the instrument way returning when. No throat fails, just lacquer verifying on the whole instrument from being 25 decades of age. The verifying actually creates it look very awesome. 
I have known Bobby Blotzer and Juan Croucier since the delayed Seventies when we all increased up in the Redondo Seaside place and performed in regional stone groups. The now popular Don Dokken and myself performed in a group together known as Air-borne, and when our percussionist remaining we requested Bobby Blotzer with his dual fish appears to be drum kit to perform percussion. That was around 1978-79. After I remaining the group to start up a classic outfits shop Juan Croucier signed up with the group with Dokken and Blotzer. After the Air-borne group divided up, Dokken went his way and Bobby and Juan signed up with up with Robbin and Ratt and the relax is musical technology record. I still discuss with Dokken once in some time and I saw Juan at a corvettes car display a few decades ago and we mentioned some of the beginning of Redondo and a team that all the regional groups performed at returning then known as the SMOKESTACK."