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Y2KV Dave Mustaine signature



The Dave Mustaine Y2KV trademark device was presented in 2000 (see above for a check out from the 2000 Fitzgibbons catalogue). 2002 catalog check out can be considered here. The first development run of 32 Y2KVs was began in Jan 2000. These were constructed between Goal and Aug. 80 more were began in Sept 2000 and 33 more in Dec. Most likely another circa 150 of them were designed before the sequence was stopped in 2002. 


Dave Mustaine had a truckload of Y2KVs. He obtained 10 of the preliminary set of 32 and most likely got another 15 or so later on. He also had many customized store Y2KVs such as the prototypes. Lady has marketed most of his Y2KVs - first through Andrew Brauer and then later on Auction web sites. Some of them were also given to his buddies.


During the Andrew Brauer deals in May 2002 Lady marketed essentially all the Y2KVs that he got from the first spot. Below is a team image of the sold instruments. 


Dave Mustaine Y2KV is definitely a must have guitar! Fitzgibbons created another excellent fine-tuned and thought-out device. If you have questions, discover a way to try Lady Mustaine Y2KV and you'll be pleased at how stunning this device really is. Fitzgibbons did a extremely well job here.


This device has some truly functions for the right cost. Lady Mustaine Y2KV is truly an excellent device, one that Fitzgibbons should be extremely pleased of. It is unique among other instruments in its cost variety, and its fantastic functions absolutely play a role a lot to this type of overall viewpoint. Should you be considering a device that handled to fulfill a lot of musicians' wishes - Jackson's Lady Mustaine Y2KV is a fantastic choice!


Jackson's Lady Mustaine Y2KV has designed in top excellent components. Properly selected components tell that this device will last you quite a while, and will not provide you with any complications then trying to set it up. It's simple to set up activity to whatever stage you want. Overall, customers provided it excellent represents to Lady Mustaine Y2KV, so you may be confident that, on the specialized part, this device will not let you down.