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Alex Lifeson LP Axcess



In his perform with Hurry from the '70s to these days, Alex Lifeson has expanded the limitations of modern stone device. Embodying far more than that category brand often indicates, Lifeson's enjoying increases beyond the dilemma and the bluster to expose truly amazing virtuosity that has been recognized and popular by fans—and players—of all lines, and has arrived him in the higher echelon of performance performers as a result. Designed through comprehensive perform with Alex Lifeson himself, the Gibson Customized Alex Lifeson Les John Axcess in the same way redefines the limitations of the traditional LP: packed in only one amazing device, this device provides all of the conventional shades that have made the Les John famous, along with unmatched levels of audio as well as flexibility. 


In addition to its conventional Les John tonewoods, the Alex Lifeson Les John Axcess provides two high-output humbucking trucks with series/parallel cabling choices via its push-pull amount manages, and a Floyd Rose® certified device that not only provides the most effective vibrato system, but is also packed with GraphTech Spider piezo link horse saddles. Access conventional Gibson attractive humbucker shades, mix it up with fat and trendy series/parallel choices, tap the Ghost's® genuine audio shades, or combination audio and attractive voices—the sky's the restrict from this audio chameleon, whose sound-shifting absolute depths are almost unlimited. What exactly is more, you can path it all through a conventional mono port (labeled “Regular”) using only one device wire, or use two cords to divided your audio chicanery off into individual outcome routes using the “Regular” and the “Life-O-Sound” outcome ports together. All this, and the Alex Lifeson Les John Axcess still provides that amazing Les John look that has stayed a traditional for more than 50 years, in your choice of two amazing colors—Viceroy Darkish and Elegant Crimson—both accepted by the specialist himself, and both resplendent on top of a amazingly realized walnut top. 


The first 50 instruments in this special run (25 in each finish) will be finalized by the specialist himself, with unsigned designs to follow, so source yours now at your accepted Gibson supplier. 


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