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Edward Van Halen's Kramer 5150 Hybrid Guitar

Eddie Van Halen's 5150 Instrument is one of the most identifiable instruments in stone record. Ed constructed this guitar himself at the Kramer manufacturer, and even coloured it himself with Krylon "rattle-can" colour. Guitar contains an exclusive Floyd Increased tremolo, one humbucker, and only one amount handle. A very easy guitar, for a very easy audio that is truly awesome.

The belief behind this excellent guitar is that it is a Kramer Baretta. This is actually a completely customized guitar created from customized areas in the old Kramer Instrument Factory in Neptune NJ. Another reality is that the system isn't actually a Baretta. The human is what would have been known as a Kramer Pacer Unique. Actually, the management tooth cavity is very different from most Kramers that were created in the 1980's.
The throat has some exciting features as well. It was developed with an assymetrical returning form, something Kramer never provided on its instruments. The Ernie Football MusicMan EVH design, and the EVH Wolfgang have both been patterned after this backshape. Since I own both the MusicMan and the Wolfgang, I can say this backshape is indeed very exclusive, and incredibly relaxed to perform. The throat also looks very fresh in this image, I would believe Ernie Football washed this up perfectly for Ed when they did perform on the headstock in 1992.
Additionally, the collection is especially developed my Edward himself, and gossip has it that Seymour Duncan was going to promote a collection just like his as the EVH trademark collection. This later became the Custom Custom. The headstock is truly exclusive as well, Kramer never created a headstock like the one on Ed's 5150. It was another customized inclusion. The last known producing with this guitar was Reasoning Day on the Van Halen LP Around that same era, the headstock was damaged around the 5th guitar receiver, and was set by MusicMan. As you can see above, an extra receiver was included before the headstock was set to be able to keep it enjoying. This guitar is an overall gamers guitar, it aint fairly, its created for playin'!