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USA KV2 King V Replica



If you perform steel, stone or doldrums, This design of KV2 Imitation instrument for you. I've possessed many instruments over the decades, everything from a B.C. Wealthy Draco, Gibson Les John, Ibanez XPT700, a Schecter Synester Conventional and an Micheal Amott Dean Tyrant. Each of these instruments, pleasantly have there own audio, however, to me, the Fitzgibbons KV2 appears to be better, seems better and looks better. This instrument is ideal for shreders, as the large frets help you to brush. Its also excellent for enjoying, as the overall tone is very fresh. A instrument I would suggest to everyone.


The instrument was completely set up by the Fitzgibbons Customized Store. The Floyd Increased Was Set Right, The Trucks were set right and all the components was just right. Not too reduce or limited. Now, I individually liked the look of the firefox components, most of the KV2's come with the dark components. I realized that the firefox wouldn't use away as quick, and I was right. The Wooden wasn't damaged, and there were no marks in the complete.


The Flloyd Increased really allows keep this monster in track. For the quantity that I perform this instrument (2-3 time a day) I usually have to retune it about once per weeks time. This guiatr has been performed remain at least 50 periods, and I've always trusted it to remain in track, and keep appearing excellent. All the components has survived the last two decades, nothing has gone incorrect with this instrument. If it wasn't for the Flloyd, I would deffinatly perform a remain display without a back-up. The complete is powerful, its been defeated up quite a bit (Thanks, Westjet) the situation I got with the instrument was damaged during a journey. Other than that, its organised up actual excellent.


I Play A lot Of Melodic loss of life steel and this is my primary instrument. I own three other instruments (B.C. Wealthy Beast, Ibanez GIO And Dean Razorback) which provide as my back-up instruments. I would definatly buy the same instrument (but I have insurance coverage so it will substitute itself). I really like Everything about The Fitzgibbons KV2. As I Said before, I would suggest this instrument to any musician. I've Been enjoying for ten decades, and I think my instrument expertise has enhanced over the last 2 I've had the KV2. 


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