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ESP MX-250 James Hetfield



Created individually for Wayne in 1996 by the excellent specialist Dino Muradian (dino-muradian.html). On the body and headstock is the wooden losing elk head visual with spiked cable and on the back the 4-M-star logo. The spiked cable inlay is done in gold by Rob Thorn.


Would you like a item of advice? Believe in from your other performers who suggest this instrument by providing it the biggest qualities. ESP's EX is a fantastic appearing device that manages well any type of situation: stay, facilities or simply exercising. Functions and excellent audio will keep you pleased, and you will feel that this axe is value every penny you've spent. ESP is a well known instrument producer, so it's no shock that ESP handled to generate another excellent device such as EX.


ESP has put a lot of persistence into deciding on the best features for EX and adjusting them right, and that just created lot of performers pleased, resulting in them to prize this device with the biggest qualities. Functions of EX are amazing and ESP should be extremely pleased of themselves for generating such a wonderful device with which you will also be pleased, whether you choose to go for it.


Just by looking at ESP's EX you can tell that this device is something unique. Beautiful complete informs the tale of outstanding workmanship of ESP. Activity is fantastic, and quickly flexible. Initially you choose up EX and perform it, you will see that this is a top quality instrument. Components is no exception; it is properly selected and will last you for years.


If you're willing to believe your other performers, then you should trust that ESP's EX is one extremely efficient instrument, that will execute well both in facilities and on level. It is resilient as well, given the point that you take the regular care of your device. EX is really your best option if reliability/durability is one of your issues.