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Steve Vai 1989 IBANEZ JEM 777SK Guitar



Fantastic situation that hasn't been attached with or improved in any way. Aside from a 3mm group break damage on the top side the colour is breathtaking and very vivid SK. This SK has the same kind of clearcoat layer that I had on another SK, almost definitely from the same set. There is one layer on the top side about 2 1/2" long from the within advantage of the hold toward the buttocks, and another on the mid returning that forks into a couple. These can only be seen when captured in the mild the right way and are very challenging to get images of. I've taken several under the halogens and outside. Otherwise there is some extremely minimal scrapes between the trem protect and dish and a 2mm complete break on the returning. The throat returning is very fresh and hasn't been considered, the headstock extremely fresh aside from a very little advantage bruise on the higher point, there is a little clearcoat use off the instrument fretboard and some dust displaying in the walnut, again, hasn't been washed or considered. The trucks are displaying as little reduce as one's human is, there is almost no fretwear, and there are no NJFC's. The trem baseplate displaying it's discuss of pimpling and the throat dish also corroded, this is an beginning 88' confirmed by the ealry surpassed shields securing nut. All in all a very awesome unique unmolested example. The secure key clinging out on the returning part but functions completely. 


87' unique, trucks with very little removal, system has 0 fading! It does has a little processor on the returning near the port protect and 1/2" NJ complete break fish sounds part. Another complete break on the part. The panel has some discoloration but almost 0 fretwear. Has had a tremsetter set up by a professional. Neck has frontbow but if you want more you'll have to small sculpt about 1mm from under the truss nut, the wrench will not fit under it and the throat has never been modified.


88' in excellent situation for a instrument that was probably performed assign. Many secure damaging and even overall clearcoat wearthrough with darkening beginning on the panel, but sharp components and almost zero fretwear. No Fading!! No throat combined breaks. Experience is extremely fresh and is finalized by Stevie "Jam on", which will be ideal if your name is Rich, because that's who it's finalized to. Looks like red felt-tip, might enhance off. There's a little 2mm processor off the returning advantage and some rivet rashing reduced right of returning, with a 1" the begining reduced remaining returning, 3mm colour modify off the tip of the go.