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Ibanez Jem 777 DY



As the headline declares, what i have here is a JEM 777DY. The instrument is fit, with only little marks, particularly around the sides. As we all know, Bob Vai prefers his wooden to take in, which means less colour. These equipment, unfortunately, get marks each time they contact anything, which is why, although near difficult to find, ideal situation JEM 777DYs are incredibly useful. The frets on this instrument are nothing short of ideal with very little to no damaging, and even very little use overall. The throat is in FANTASTIC form. The instrument is 100% unique, aside from the truss rod protect. It is a alternative, every possible part is involved.. Although I had the backplate eliminated in the images, I DO have it!! The gadgets in the instrument are outstanding, with no itches containers, no adhering containers, 5 way change features as it did on day one, and no digital buzzes or shorting. The instrument is in ideal performer's situation. The case is unique, and i am currently trying to discover the secure mixture. 


Few would controversy Steve's remarkable impact on Ibanez equipment. Enhancements from the equipment designed by Bob and Ibanez developers can be found in so many of their equipment, from pro through basic. Then there's Bob Vai's Galaxy, the instrument that captivated the 7-string trend in stone.


When Bob Vai equipment, with their whitening Advantage tremolos, super fast 2-octave neck, and magnificently shaped systems came out later, they were innovative. In the new century, they're still innovative. And that's the level of a true traditional.


Contoured Alder system with 24-fret JEM throat provides quick entry to all signs up. Alder is best known as the system wooden for the "classic single-coil, bolt-on throat instrument," Alder generates clear full bodied classic overall tone that works well for cause or beat work.


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