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Ibanez Jem 777 VBK Steve Vai Model


1988 Ibanez JEM777VBK in fine shape overall. The biggest use is on the link (mostly the cover), thanks to my apparent excessive acidosis. There is also the typical NJFC (neck combined complete crack) that is so typical with these instruments. S/N 88xxxx (on the throat plate), Advantage tremolo, frets 21-24 scalloped, DiMarzio pup's...you know the routine. The unique natural 5 way change tip was missing and changed with a dark one. Examine out the Jem web page for all of the specifications. Contains OHSC (pink lining).

This is absoulutly the biggest instrument there is to perform on in the 7 sequence category.  The activity is very quick and the and the installation is right on.  These instruments are side personalized at the ibanez manufacturer to perform right out of the box.  The’re are few instruments I have performed on that can keep up with this.  and it is probably the most wonderful instrument out there.
Great audio.  It is apparent that this is a bob vai instrument.  The audio excellent is excellent for his design of enjoying. If you are a steel gamer and considering this you will probably want to substitute the link collection with a lundgren or emg.  I am not big on effective gadgets.  I would recommend the lundgren.  The inventory audio is still excellent enough to offer excellent overall tone regardless of what you perform.  but you will still want to substitute it if you are a serious steel gamer.

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