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MX 250 Guitar

Prior to the co-operation between Hetfield and ESP, Hetfields explorer type electric guitars belonged to Navigator band.


In the late 1980s, ESP produced numerous explorer guitars for Hetfield, which includes a lot of famous instruments as raised-middle-finger inlayed EET FUK explorer, dots inlayed explorer having words A Year and a Half In the Life of Metallica; pt. 1. These types of instruments had been known as EX at the starting and later called MX-220ii.


Meaning of this name:
M- Metallica
X- Explorer
220- a common price tag
II- two pickups


MX-220II is a bit shorter compared to the length (from the strap button at bottom to the point of the headstock), the angular is smoother slightly, the distance between the toggle change to the knob is a bit nearer compared to the present explorer electric guitars. And it has a unique truss rod cover which is parallel to the nut and possesses two anchoring screws. The framework of this particular instrument concerning the conjunction of the body along with the neck is round jack inserted.


The further adjustment to MX-220II is working with a metal plate with 4 anchoring screws to fix the jacks. The truss rod cover nonetheless comes with 2 anchoring screws, but isn't parallel to nut anymore. No change is made for the rest parts.


Later, during the development of the MX-220II, the ESP altered the structure again to bolt-on structure.


The following MX-220II is really similar to Hetfields initial explorer. This electric guitar is owned by EXPCustom with old fashioned body outline and no serial number. Its believed that there is no serial number and circular trademark about the headstock back of the MX-220II guitar.


Presumably, the structure of the mx-220II is accomplished according to the 1958 explorer
The figure above is a comparing between a 1958 explorer (red line) and also a 1976 explorer (black line)


Eventually, the new style was called MX250 (later known as MX-II, 250 means the price). The MX-250II is a bit longer in comparison with MX-220II, a lot more pointed at the tip. During early The nineteen nineties, ESP implemented parallel round jacks. And in this version, the pickups switch is a little further away from the volume control and pick-ups.


Mx 250 was launched in Japan, with mahogany body, mahogany neck, poly finish, black dots inlays, ebony fretboard, EMG81 pickups. No matter what color you desire, they are usually pricey. You'll be able to ask to get a unique tuners and also other optional details, and you may customise this guitar in USA, but they are known as "EXP custom" for the reason that the "MX" is specified for other models. They've bell-shaped truss rod cover which is fixed with one screw, behind the headstock there's the serial number. ESP batch modified the shape of the truss rod cover in '55.


The picture below is a EXP Custom produced 2003 MX-II edition.


The esp explorer released in U.S. are all EXP designs that have 2 variations, ESP and LTD. EXP is of MX-II body, bolt-on neck, the ESP (ESP EXP) edition is characterised by maple neck, mahogany body, rosewood fretboard; the LTD version (LTD EXP-200) is also of maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Its mentioned the electric guitar body used different materials in distinctive years, alder applied in the early years, and later on changed into mahogany. The fingerboard inlays also modified, there had been 2 dots in the 12th fret of the early LTD edition but changed right into a block (engraved with LTD) in later models.


The following picture is an outdated style LTD EXP-200 and an ESP MX-II


In LTD series, there's a type named EXP-300, which features a neck through construction, licensed Floyd Rose bridge and two EMG 81 pick-ups


In 2000, ESP launched a manufacturing facility in Korea and developed LTD MX-130 that is much like MX-250II. And the fascinating matter is there is no serial number. These products were sold only in Japan. Like MX-II, they've 2 EMG81 pickups, neck through framework and black finish. These instruments occasionally might be discovered on Ebay but were ceased in '03.


Specific Series
The initial EX/MX-220II custom inlays series is 1989s "EET FUK", which had been released with a tiny quantity. The 5th fret is a bit tiny and there is certainly no step on the neck. Certainly, Hetfield quickly found this problem, so the manufacturing line had to be shut down. It's stated that the quantity is below 30. Some mx-250II body utilised this type of inlays also.


The special mx-250II as "Man To Wolf is called Japans esp unique intriguing group, which signifies that you should offer a large price to purchase them.


Elk Skull MX250 was also manufactured within the period from late The nineteen nineties to the year 2003 in custom series, they had been personalized inside the custom shop in Japan.





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