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Origination of Concorde


On 12 23rd, 1980, Rhoads found Grover and proved him a new created instrument design, which was developed completely by Randy Rhoads himself. The pattern was based on the earlier manufactured polka dot V. The initial Concorde was a little bigger, while Rhoads was reasonably short, so it was then tailored and shrunk a little. On account of its innovative contour, the guitar was entitled as Concorde. It's the initial guitar bearing the Jackson badge on headstock and is regarded a milestone of Jackson company. Within the readers' online survey of the Guitar World magazine's twenty fifth anniversary, the guitar has been called essentially the most representative guitar in history.




Concorde Neck Joint


The construction of this unique electric guitar is neck-through-body, which ensures the steadiness, reliability, durability and tonal capacity of this electric guitar. But, our product is set-in structured, so the price is more affordable than those neck-through guitars but the stability is just precisely the same. Naturally, we'll also create neck through body electric guitars in case you want.


Concorde Wood Choice


Based on our research, irrespective of Randy Rhoads' authentic electric guitar or Jackson's later reproductions, the wood is the identical, maple neck, ebony fretboard and maple body. We simply utilize the same wood, picking out best high quality wood, just precisely the same as what employed on the authentic instrument.


Concorde Tremolo System


The tremolo system extends your way of musical expression without worry of moving away from tune. Because Randy's 1st electric guitar is actually a Gibson LP, he preserved nearly all parameters, such as the neck thickness, chord size and nut width, on the Concorde guitar, while the bridge used a Fender styled tremolo system, thus the Concorde is really a mixture of Fender playing manner and Gibson hue. Polka Dot V used precisely the same style. That is the consequence Randy wanted. And our items also adopt precisely the same Fender styled tremolo system.


Concorde Pickups


It really is not able to discover the original pickups that were used on the Concorde prototype on account of the extended period, however on the thirtieth anniversary of Jackson, they made a limited version of this unique guitar which implemented a Seymour Duncan SH4 humbucker in bridge plus a Seymour Duncan Jazz SH-2n humbucker in neck. However in our items, except the Seymour Duncan pick-ups, we also provide Wilkinson pick-ups for consumers to obtain far more cost-effective pick-ups options which can conserve you significantly funds!


Albums saved with the Concorde Guitar


Blizzard of Ozz (1980)
Mr. Crowley Live EP (1980)
Diary of a Madman (1981)
Tribute (1987


What We Do about Concorde Guitar


For above mentioned features we repeatedly researched and cloned the actual electric guitar as best as we can, installed on fender design tremolo and Gibson style neck! The wood selection is simply exactly the same as the genuine guitar, maple neck, ebony fretboard, maple body (by using best wood). All are the same as the original guitar, so there is certainly no distinction between ours and the unique guitar!! However we supply much more choices upon pickups choice, except the initial Seymour Duncan pickups which we bought for your requirements, Wilkinson pickups is what we highly recommended because of its top quality and inexpensive cost. It can save you much funds!! The Wilkinson pick-ups using the exact same features as Seymour Duncan pick-ups are much less costly in comparison with the latter!! And the quality of Wilkinson is stable and trustworthy enough!!





Because our products are built with a tiny volume, the price, in comparison to those custom manufactured instruments, is far more cost-effective, but simultaneously, the inventory is limited, so in case you genuinely like this unique electric guitar, please take the opportunity to make contact with us instantly.