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Dave Mustain Guitars


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Jackson Y2KV Blue Print



Dave Mustaine Introduction


Dave Mustaine, formerly generally known as David Scott, who was given birth to on September 13, 1961 in La Mesa, California, USA, is the Megadeth's guitarist, singer and songwriter. He spent his youth in south California suburbs. As the center person of Megadeth and a original Metallica lead guitarist and songwriter, he's also one of the pioneers of trash metal and speed metal music.Almost 30 Years Ago when Dave Mustaine left his original band Panic, Metallica's drummer Lars issued an ad hunting for a lead guitarist. Consequently he become a member of Metallica as the team's lead guitarist.Right after got rid of by Metallica in 1983, Mustaine was fairly angry, and vowed to construct their very own band. Consequently he organized Fallen Angels this year, and inside the summer season he met bassist Dave Ellefson, and eventually they established Megadeth, starting up a further thrash tale. 



Jackson Y2KV 


The Jackson Y2KV was created by Dave Mustaine, who had been wanting to create a significantly less provocative, appearance altered flying v instrument. In contrast with his generally employed king v, this electric guitar, as Mustaine's own designs, mainly utilized for the tour of Risk and the World Needs a Hero. In reality, this electric guitar never bulk produced.


Jackson y2kv dave mustaine signature guitar was designed in 2000 (please pay a visit to the above jackson Atlas2000). Atlas2002 is below. The initial batch of thirty two Y2KV was manufactured in Jan . 2000, built from March to August. An additional over 80 instruments were processed in September 2000, as well as the final thirty three were manufactured in December. Just before this series was stopped in 2002, additional 150 were created.


Dave mustaine had acquired a lorry of Y2KV guitars, he took ten from the first batch of 32, and it appeared that he took another fifteen afterwards. He had many custom made Y2KV and had sold out the majority of the Y2KV guitars, the initial time by means of Andy Brauer, and later by way of eBay, others were offered to his buddies.On Andy Brauer Auction 2002, Dave practically sold all Y2KV instruments of the 1st batch. The photo below is one of the instruments at auction.



Once the contract of Dave and jackson stopped, he acquired a great deal of Y2KV, each one of which had a high serial number, and was auctioned on ebay.



Jackson Custom Store Y2KV


The picture below is J6612, and the only 12-string Y2KV guitar, as well as the J6648 featured a silver sparkle finish and a floyd rose bridge. The two guitars had always been within Dave's hands and was sold on the internet on megadeth official site.




Jackson Doubleneck Y2KV


Jackson also manufactured a dual head Y2KV for Dave and marketed it through Andy Brauer. This instrument was probable to become among the list of bigger guitars made by Jackson.




Overall, you will find a great deal of Dave's Y2KV, each of which is legendary, what we replicated is the American flag design. we continuously studied the features of the design, and duplicated it as identical as possible. The woods we employed are the exact same as those utilised on the authentic model. The wood for body, neck and fretboard are the same as the originals (all high top quality wood!) The defaulting pick-ups we used are Wilkinson pickups, which is not only quality guaranteed but in addition cost-effective.


Our Custom Made Mustaine Flying V Specifications


Body Wood: Mahogany
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Construction: Neck-Thru
Fretboard: Bound Ebony
Inlays: Shark Fins Inlays
Scale Length: 25.5"
Frets: 24
Pickups: 2 Wilkinson Humbuckers
Switch: 3-Way Toggle Switch
Controls: 2 Volume,1 Tone
Headstock: Jackson Style
Bridge: TOM Style
Hardware: Chrome Finish
Finish: BKP, Mahogany ,Also available in all SELECT
Strings: D'Addario


Since our guitars are small batch produced, the price, in comparison with those custom manufactured ones, is much more reasonable. However, the inventory is limited, so should you actually enjoy this design, please catch the chance to get in touch with us instantly.