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    Custom Made 5150 Guitar For Sale


    Eddie Van Halen and His guitars


    Edward Van Halen's 5150 Guitar is one of the most widely known guitar in Rock and roll history. Eddie privately assembled this unique guitar in Kramer's plant, and brushed it with Krylon "rattle-can". The guitar consists of a simple Floyd Rose Tremolo, a dual-coil pickups, a single volume. It is an extremely simple instrument, simple tone but actually impressive.


    5150 Guitar For Sale Myth


    The myth behind this guitar is Kramer Baretta, which was custom produced indeed within the Neptune the NJ Kramer plant. And another reality is that the body just isn't a Baretta but a Kramer Pacer Special. In fact, the control cavity of this instrument is quite distinctive from the 1980's Kramers.


    5150 Guitar For Sale Features


    The neck also has a really fascinating feature, the back shape design is asymmetric, and Kramer has never offered this design to other instruments. Ernie Ball MusicMan EVH model and EVH Wolfgang also used this design. This back shape is really unique, and very comfortable and appropriate for playing.



    5150 Guitar For Sale Pickups


    Moreover, the pickup is Edward made. Rumors pointed out that Seymour Duncan would introduce an Eddie style pickup, and after which it is going to be a customized in custom. The headstock of this guitar is also totally original. Kramer never manufactured a headstock like Ed's 5150, which is an additional custom-made content.


    We used up lots of time to analyze the data and tests of the initial guitar, and made great efforts to copy it. The body, neck and fingerboard used exactly the same wood as the original guitar, however the default pickups that compose the price are Wilkinson pickups, which is much more cost-effective, quality trustworthy and may conserve much funds.


    Our Custom Made 5150 Guitar For Sale Specifications


    Body Wood: Alder
    Neck Wood: Maple
    Construction: Bolt-on
    Fretboard: Maple
    Inlays: Dot Inlays
    Scale Length: 25.5"
    Frets: 22
    Pickups: 1 Wilkinson Humbuckers
    Controls: Master Volume
    Headstock: Kramer Style
    Bridge: Licenced Floyd Rose Tremolo
    Hardware: Chrome Finish
    Finish: Red w/ Black and White Stripes
    Strings: D'Addario


    Considering that our electric guitars are minor batch created, the stock is limited. If you're keen on our guitars, please don't hesitate to contact us quickly.

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