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     Custom Made Fender Telecaster J5 For Sale


     Fender Telecaster J5


     We are already familiar with John 5, whose career became brighter since he left Marilyn Manson. From Rob Zombie to Lynyrd Skynyrd, he seems to appear in any style bands and perform quite well. Just because of his versatility, John 5 became Fender's endorsed celebrity, endorsing for Fender by roving demonstrations again and again as a lecturer of Fender University, John 5’s charisma extends from the stage slowly to everyday life. No wonder Fender crazily released 6 signature John 5 Telecaster models for him.


      John 5 Tele

    Fender J5 Telecaster demo :


    Fender Telecaster J5 Headstock


     As we know, John 5 got Tele complex. It’s said that he has a collection of all the Telecasters from Esquire era. So when someone says there is no way for Telecasters to do metal music, you can firmly refute it without hesitation by mentioning John 5 as a sample. To design a signature guitar for one who got Tele complex, the guitar must be designed as what he likes, so Telecaster is the only choice. Of course, Fender made great efforts on these John 5 Telecaster guitars, and just because of this, John 5 Telecaster Signature series, once launched, became the dream guitars for many people.


    What made Fender Telecaster J5 signature models unique is the re-designed headstock, which you have never seen on the headstock of other Fender guitars. This is the first time Fender re-designed a headstock for an artist. The unique headstock design made the John 5 Telecaster guitar more balance, a bit less of traditional atmosphere but some more modern elements. The three tuners on both sides are also very practical.


    Fender Telecaster J5 Pickguard


    The outline design of John 5 Telecasteris also a highlight. When John 5 was first released, it is the time of mirror pickguard, exampled well by Squier Black & Chrome the black chrome series, of which the black chrome Telecaster became the daydream object of some friends. The difference is that a real chrome metal pickguard was used on John 5 Signature Telecaster model. Black finish coupled with a metal mirror pickguard, there is nothing cooler than this combination. Fender released quite a lot John 5 signature Telecaster models, covering the Custom Shop series, the U.S. series, Mexico series, Squier and folk guitars. Due to the limited space, we are here only to introduce two more typical John 5 Telecaster guitars.


    Fender Telecaster J5 Design


    This is a classic John 5 Telecaster guitar with specially designed headstock, metal mirror pickguard and black guitar body. The guitar adopted the design of single double pickups. The pickup switch in John 5 signature was installed on the guitar, similar to a LP guitar. The John 5 Telecaster design is mainly because of John 5's personal habits. However, for some musicians, such a design may lead to frequently touching the switch thus affecting the choice of pickup switch.


    Fender Telecaster J5 Pickups


    John 5 Telecaster adopted Fender Enforce pickups in bridge and Fender Twister Tele-type pickups in neck. The high-powered pickups made it easily to be performed even in heavy music playing. This guitar is a typical John 5 Telecaster model. We sourced Fender enforce pickups and fender twister tele pickups for customers, but the default pickups used on our guitars are Wilkinson pickups, which is cost-effective and reliable, and can save you a lot of money.


    We spent much time to study the data and measurements of the original Fender Telecaster J5 and then replicated this Fender Telecaster J5. Wood selection is quite the same as the original John 5 Telecaster guitar, ash body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard.


    Fender John 5 Telecaster


    John 5 Fender Telecaster


    J5 Telecaster


    We also adopted the unique headstock design as the original headstock. We offer two pickguard options, one is non-metal pickguard with a relatively low price, and another is chromed metal pickguard with a high price.


     Our Custom Made John 5 Telecaster Specification


    John 5 Telecaster Body Wood: Ash
    Neck Wood: Maple
    Construction: Bolt-on
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Inlays: Pearl Dot Inlays
    Scale Length: 25.5"
    Nut Width: 1.69"
    Frets: 22
    Pickguard: Mirror
    Pickups: Wilkinson Pickups
    Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
    Switch: 3-way selection switch
    Bridge: Tele Style
    Hardware: Chrome Finish
    Finish: Black
    Strings: D'Addario


    As Fender Telecaster J5 were batch produced, the inventory is limited. If you are interested in  John 5 Telecaster , please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

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