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Rare Custom Shop

Rare Guitar Custom Shop has been offering guitar customize services since the early 2000's.  When we first established, most of our works are limited to some classic body styles like LP, flying V, ST, Tele etc.  As an average - size experienced guitar workshop, we studied from a large number of our orders, then discovered some demands of the market.   There are quite a lot of buyers looking for a nice guitar custom shop to make a fully customized guitar, this guitar shop must have excellent workmanship, quality products and lower price.  So seeking the most perfect price performance for our customers is our ultimate goal. The purpose is allowing our customers to minimize the money spent to get a best performance on making them satisfied with the very personal designed custom guitars.  Nothing else, at this point , we can almost say that we are the best guitar custom workshop in the industry.   Our custom LPs, STs, Teles and other custom guitars and customized basses are true players instruments. We put decades of the best technology from the past mixed down and tempered with quality guitar parts, knowledge, experience, skill and innovative building techniques of the present. We then condense and distill it into a pure guitar outstandingly appointed, that is Rare. We offer set-ups to your specs for all kind of guitar customization!


 What We Can Do For You?
We design and build some of the finest guitars and basses, using only the highest quality tone and exotic woods available.  Because each instrument is custom made for a specific purpose, we work directly with each customer to be able to best satisfy his or her wants and needs.
Some of the benefits to this are such choices as:
    Wood selection
    Body style
    Neck design
    Fret sizes
    Electronics packages
    Scale lengths
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
Other extra services:
   Guitar graphic hand-painting
   Guitar aging work ( Relic )
   Guitar carving
   Guitar  inlay design
As we have been working on guitar manufacturing for many years, we have many advantages in processing skills, sourcing and storing woods, accessories and raw materials. So we can quote a lower price than other guitar shops. Although we do not have world famous guitar masters, we have a batch of conscientious luthiers who have been finely trained and whose products are accepted by global customers.  Other side, we have  very nice talented craftsmen on reprocessing field, they are absolute masters on guitar relic and guitar hand painting, so that we could step further to explore new models.  
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All of our timbers choose from our owned wood depot which have naturally air dried for 3-5 years or more. Only these kind of wood can guarantee the quality of the guitars. We use wood moisture meter to test the moisture content of lumber, only choose the enough dried wood before processing. The Strict screening process will avoid excessive deformation in the neck due to the changes in the weather or further lead to fret buzzing. In addition, all the wood we used are consistent with your original guitar, not like the other sellers to fake it or use inferior woods even use plywood.
Why We use Wilkinson Hardware?
we strongly recommend the more economical Wilkinson pickups which we have compared with the initial pick-ups, for the reason that cost of the actual pick-ups is hundred dollars. It's only a reproduction, so why not making use of bargain-priced factors? Wilkinson is a suitable Korean pick-up brand name, not as widely recognized as those fame companies, however, quality is guaranteed and the pricing is far lower than those famous brands. Regarding the sound, it really is adequate for your routine exercises!  Anyway, it saves very much for you.
Our default pickups, bridges and hardware are Wilkinson guitar parts.  If Wilkinson products can not reach your level, there are many upgrade options available, please tell us what exactly you need, no mater pickups or hardwares or bridge, we will try our best to meet your requirements. 
High performance, low cost guitar and bass hardware designed by the UK ’s leading guitar guru – Trev Wilkinson. Wilkinson brings many years of expertise and engineering knowledge to a new range of guitar and bass hardware.
These new designs may be LOW in price but they are BIG on features and function. Wilkinson guitar and bass hardware was established 20 years ago in California and its simple, functional, user friendly designs have become "standards of the industry". They are demanded by professional players and discerning guitar companies around the world. This new range pays homage to the more ‘traditional ’ styles of the past but, by utilizing many of the features of the unique Wilkinson designs, we feel that they are unsurpassed in tone, style and function. Extra special attention has been paid to all key areas of the manufacturing process.
Whether you are building a ‘vintage style ’ instrument or a new ‘cutting edge design ’ guitar or bass, you will find the answer to your hardware choice from Wilkinson.
Now you may have a comprehensive understanding on guitar customization and you can start to customize a favorite guitar for yourself. Of course, you can just buy one of the already made instruments in our shop. So, what are you waiting for?  Our products are durable and economical, offering you wonderful experience of appropriate consumption.  If you looking for a great place to custom a guitar, here is your best chooise, we will do our best to provide the best service and satisfy your needs, which is the core of our service.  Please contact us freely with any question you may have and we'll give you a swift reply with pleasure.Please don't hesitate to contact us at services@rareelectricguitars.com if you have any questions or concerns before ordering. After your order is placed a custom shop specialist will confirm all details with you before any work begins. Thanks!