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Rareelectricguitar.com has been offering guitar customize services since the early 2000's. 

When we first established, most of our works are limited to some classic body styles like LP, flying V, ST, Tele etc.Though these guitars have high market recognition and mature craft, there are so many other shops competing with us. So in a word, repeatedly making these guitars gives us good skills in building guitars, while at the same times, it also limits Rare’s development in exploring higher level craft.  As an average - size experienced guitar workshop, we studied from a large number of our orders, then discovered some demands of the market.


Then there is an accidental opportunity, we have a chance to make a high-end custom guitar which combines relic and hand painting tech. During the process of building it, we get to know that this kind of personalized, stylish guitar with complex craft could be a very special category in guitar customization field, also it could be a new direction in the development of Rare. So this is co-existence of opportunity and challenge. So in the first practice, we repeatedly test the relic effect and did a lot research on it, and finally complete the guitar after a rather long time. 


From then on, Rare opened up a new chapter and established our own relic team. We invited relic masters from the United States and Japan, and learned relic technology from them. Then we brought together a number of professional painters and crafters, after so many experiments and tests, combining with our experience, we improve our relic and hand painting skills at last. Our workshop grows step by step, and then large number of custom guitars with unique appearance and complex craft had been build by us. Until so far, we are able to build almost any style of custom guitar . 


Thinking of the whole hard process, we find that the accurate guitar drawing handling is the most difficult part. In the beginning, all we had are some simple bought drawings, but later, we got to know that our customers need us to build guitars with more complex and dedicated arts and construction.So buying drawings was not realistic then, we had to build our own drawings and analyze the specs ourselves by contrasting large quantity of reference and reference related literature. This work requires our luthiers to have rich experience in hand-made guitars, and have a good understanding of all the famous guitars in the world. Combining with few pictures our customers provided, they hammer out the details, and then make the drawings. After several times of adjusting, we will be able to make the guitars exactly the same like the original. Time and time again had we tried, and our experience improved gradually. Today, we can guarantee that it is almost 100% accurate. So for a hand made guitar, the devil's in the detail for sure. Nowadays, not only many guitar lovers are after our guitar, even some well-known band members and artists have become our customers. Looking back to the seven years we have been through, all we can say that difficulty is the nurse of greatness. Quite impressive indeed.


We have always been expecting to use the most simple and efficient way to build dream guitars for our customers. So as long as you can describe the guitar style you want, or providing us some pictures for reference, we will be able to accurately make a drawing of it and then create a unique and individuals electric guitar for you. 


Our website develops till now from the beginning when it only has a couple of guitars, we must say thanks to the support of many guitar lovers.  We feel very happy for realizing you dreams, and thank you for the trust you give us.  We think this is the meaning and reasons of our existence.


If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us 





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