Because the large amount of related work and limited personnel, we have no enough time to upload all the models we have made to the site. So, even you have not find the guitar you want on the site, please do not hesitate to email us, it may already have been made before and we might have HD photo for you. Question asked, question answered ! Just ask !

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Dear customers,

Welcome to our site, we are a guitar custom shop, which already has five years experience in producing and selling of guitars. Here we are introducing our shop’s characteristics, advantages and service objects.


Firstly, we would like to apologize to those who don’t like replicated guitars, and we can fully understand your feelings. But attentive customers will find that most guitars on sale here are discontinued or even can’t be bought. Besides, we are a custom shop, and these guitars are not designed by ourselves, but to satisfy requests of most customers or can be said that our customers recommend us to do that. You can look at the following e-mails to check whether what we are talking about is true or not.



Our website develops till now from the beginning when it only has a couple of guitars, still thanks to the support of many guitar lovers. What’s more, these replicated guitars indeed work as mementos, and also enjoy those who can’t buy or can’t afford original guitars. We feel very happy for realizing their dreams, and we think this is the meaning and reasons of our existence.


Secondly, we will introduce ourselves in the following points:

1. Quality and Price

Why so cheap?

One same guitar, even if they are all handmade, but may be quite different in producing process, extent of details pursuit and degree of perfection, which is why some products of big brands, especially of their custom shop are expensive. However, a sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs. We may be not as good as them in hardware and software, but we have all the facilities. Please rest assured about that. We just don’t use more expensive original accessories, and there are also no world-famous luthiers involved in our producing process. This is one of main reasons why our price is not so high like theirs.

Meanwhile, we bulk sourced the materials and components, so the material cost and producing cost have been vastly lowered, which allows us to present much lower prices and give every guitar enthusiast a chance to have a fantastic guitar with an affordable price.

Why a little expensive?

Recently, some customers wrote to us that the price of our guitars is a little more expensive than other sellers’ replicas, asking us why! Honestly, compared to first-line big brands, although we are not good enough in hardware and technicians. But, compared to some low-end guitar makers, we are still slightly better than them in hardware, producing systems, especially in degree of detail pursuit and quality control. And our advantage lies in that we can keep every link of guitar producing in control. For example.

a. Material Selection

Firstly, all guitar wood is solid wood instead of plywood. And we hold responsible attitude to our customers, greatly respect for the original guitar specification. All wood we select can basically maintain the same as the original guitar. Even if we can’t, we will clearly explain it to you in the product descriptions or emails. This means that we will  never cut corners in material selection to save cost like some low-end manufacturers. As far as we know, in order to cut costs, some makers always use some cheap wood, such as basswood, even plywood. As after painting, it is different to check out what wood it is from the appearance. In this case, only here, they can save about $15-$20. Here we will teach you some ways to identify the quality of wood.

Identify by weighing. You can check whether the wood is right by asking the seller to offer you wood weighing photos, because basswood is relatively light of all the wood.  So the weight can reflect, and this is one way. But sometimes this method is not reliable, because some sellers choose to pour sand into the timber to achieve this weight. such behavior is the shame of guitar manufacturing, but we don’t deny this behavior exists on the market. Then, if in this case, how to identify it? You can distinguish by removing off the pickups, observing the texture of wood. We believe that most guitar lovers have this ability. Of course, if you are a new beginner and are not very good in this section, you can send letters to ask us, we are willing to do everything we can to help you.

Secondly, you also can check through the color of fretboard. Good quality fretboard has uniform color, and poor fretboard has particularly evident color block and large gap. Some manufacturers choose to use poor fretboard to save $10-$15 dollars. As for these two details, please do pay attention.

b. We have professional Quality Inspector to supervise the link of painting. Painting is the most difficult and also the most problematic aspects of all processes. And problems in this part are also difficult to be found through photos, such as some serious paint points and impurities. That means guitar you buy online is difficult to be found painting problems from pictures. If there are problems in painting on our guitars, we will strictly repair it. Painting cost is the highest of all production chains, and rework cost is even higher. Some manufacturers will ignore these problems in order to save $20-$25 at least. But we will never yield to these issues, and we will never deceive customers by making use of their eyes. What’s more, a good guitar, its index of gloss and brightness will be relatively high, and you can justify the guitar’s craftsmanship by observing its gloss, brightness, as well as whether there is too much paint impurities and debris on its painting.

c. From mid-May 2013, we specially hired two tuners to be responsible for checking frets buzz problems. Because each inspector is responsible for every aspect before, it was perhaps not so comprehensive and thoughtful when busy. As an experienced guitar custom shop, all our employees are well aware how serious frets buzz is to a guitarist. So we hired these two professional tuners and they will do repetitive guitar tuning and testing to ensure that all guitars have no frets buzz problems before shipping.

2. Our guitars’ playability

We would like to say that our guitar is absolutely able to play, and it is not a toy hanging on the wall. Our guitars have no frets buzz problems as mentioned above, then let's talk about our guitar s’ tone features. Guitar’s tone is affected by a variety of factors like shape and wood, which we can process according to customers’ requirements for original guitar. But we think that the main factor affecting tone is pickups. However, many original guitars’ pickups can’t be bought at all, or even if it can be found, but particularly expensive, and some even exceed our guitar’s price. So all our guitars are equipped with the Wilkinson hardware and pickups. Although Wilkinson is not a big brand, but it is also very good according to our customers’ feedback. But if you especially request it to be consistent with the original guitar, however, it may not make you completely satisfied. After all, it belongs to low-end accessories. Of course, if the reality condition is ok, and you also have enough economic strength, even you require to use original guitar equipments, we also can satisfy you. Besides, guitars’ tone also depends on the amps, effects and so on, and you can use these peripheral devices to achieve the guitar’s original tone. About this, we have the following recommendation, which also comes from one of our customers. You can check the following e-mail to find out more info.

So once again, please be assured that our guitars are not toys just hanging on the wall, and they can be really played.

3. About packing and guitar case

Recently, many customers care about whether their guitars will be damaged when receiving, or what to do if damaged, and so on. About these questions, what we would like to say is that our customers are from all over the world, it is our basic task to fix packaging and transportation security issues. So please rest assured that we have many methods to ensure the safety of transportation. First of all, we repeatedly test multiple packaging materials with professional packing company. The foam packaging we currently use is one material with highest density and quite stable quality, and its shock resistance, abrasion resistance and compressive degrees are even more than the guitar hardshell case itself, so its quality is very reliable. So far, we haven’t received any complaints of guitar damage caused by this package. At the same time and we also sign an air insurance agreement with airline. Once the goods are damaged, we will get reasonable explanation from the airline and compensate our customers. Of course, this insurance is also rarely used, and please don’t worry. So if you already have a case or gig bag, want to buy a second case just for safety issues, we don’t recommend you to do that. To be honest, our box isn’t cheap. There are also some customers reflecting this to us, because you may have no idea how weigh it is like an explorer or flying v case. Freight generated by it may be dozens of dollars, and we have to add this cost to the price of case itself. About this point, we hope you can understand. But if you really do not have a case, and want a case , then ourvcase won’t let you down.

In summary, these above are what we can do but other low-end replica makers are unwilling or unable to do. And only by this way, we can ensure every guitar is a real playing guitar. Of course, even if we have talked so much, some customers may still not trust us. After all, the reputation of many replica makers is not good, but we still hope all of our customers could give us a chance to prove ourselves, to prove that we are not full of hot air or liars. You can write to torture our customer service staff as possible as you can. You can ask us to take photos in a paper with your name in different producing process. You can request as many detail pictures as possible. You can ask for turning MP3 or even video of your guitar. If you do not mind, and in order to eliminate your doubts, we always enjoy it.

Thank you for giving your time reading our introduction. Thank you for visit. And hope that you can find your favorite guitar here.

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