The Guitars of Randy Rhoads
    Randy Rhoads remaining an marked level on the record of stone instrument. His musicianship is constantly on the motivate guitar players all over the globe, even though formally his documented perform only prevails on five collections. He cut his tooth in the Seventies L.A. songs landscape with the group Silent Huge range, but it was his recruiting by Ozzy Osbourne that brought him into the globally highlight before his loss of life in a aircraft accident in 1982.    As Randy surprised the instrument group with his enjoying, many guitar players stayed inquisitive about the resources of his business. Randy’s primary instrument was a Gibson Les David Customized...More
Fender Buck Owens Telecaster Guitar
  Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr. (August 12, 1929–March 25, 2006), better known as Money Owens, was an United states musician and musician who had 21 variety one strikes on the Billboard new bands maps with his group, the Buckaroos. Owens and the Buckaroos developed what came to be known as the Bakersfield sound—a referrals to Bakersfield, Florida, the town Owens known as house and from which he attracted motivation for what he recommended to contact United states Songs.   While Owens initially used muck around and maintained your pedal metal instrument into the Seventies, his audio on information and onstage was always more stripped-down and essential, including components ...More
Robbin Crosby Owned Guitar
  According to the public auction, "What you are firms on here is a RARE one off especially designed Firebird V11 for ROBBIN CROSBY, unique participant of the popular rock-band RATT. I purchased this instrument from Robbin after he remaining the group and was residing in The display biz industry Ca. around 1993. This is a one of one only instruments that was created just for Robbin. Gibson used some beginning Gibson areas on the instrument, such as the mature amount and overall tone buttons, and the lengthy silver Lyre end item and vibrato bar that Robbin provided to the customized shop to put on the instrument. Also, the instrument has the mature silver banjo adjusting pegs. I ne...More
Y2KV Dave Mustaine signature
    The Dave Mustaine Y2KV trademark device was presented in 2000 (see above for a check out from the 2000 Fitzgibbons catalogue). 2002 catalog check out can be considered here. The first development run of 32 Y2KVs was began in Jan 2000. These were constructed between Goal and Aug. 80 more were began in Sept 2000 and 33 more in Dec. Most likely another circa 150 of them were designed before the sequence was stopped in 2002.    Dave Mustaine had a truckload of Y2KVs. He obtained 10 of the preliminary set of 32 and most likely got another 15 or so later on. He also had many customized store Y2KVs such as the prototypes. Lady has marketed most of his Y2KVs - first throu...More
Edward Van Halen's Kramer 5150 Hybrid Guitar
Eddie Van Halen's 5150 Instrument is one of the most identifiable instruments in stone record. Ed constructed this guitar himself at the Kramer manufacturer, and even coloured it himself with Krylon "rattle-can" colour. Guitar contains an exclusive Floyd Increased tremolo, one humbucker, and only one amount handle. A very easy guitar, for a very easy audio that is truly awesome.   The belief behind this excellent guitar is that it is a Kramer Baretta. This is actually a completely customized guitar created from customized areas in the old Kramer Instrument Factory in Neptune NJ. Another reality is that the system isn't actually a Baretta. The human is what would have be...More
Dave Mustaine Jackson King V Double Neck
  Mustaine used B.C. Wealthy instruments beginning in his profession (and for his entire length with Metallica), such as a B.C. Wealthy Bich 10 sequence with just the frequent six post. First the instrument started in a natural complete, but Lady coloured it dark around enough time 'Peace Sells' was launched. Later he turned to Fitzgibbons instruments.   In Goal 2009, while he was visitor web host Bruce Dickinson's Saturday night stereo show, Mustaine linked his choice of the Traveling V instrument to being a fan of UFO's Eileen Schenker when he was increasing up.   After changing to Fitzgibbons Guitars he assisted to re-design the instrument company's edition of the Mast...More
USA KV2 King V Replica
    If you perform steel, stone or doldrums, This design of KV2 Imitation instrument for you. I've possessed many instruments over the decades, everything from a B.C. Wealthy Draco, Gibson Les John, Ibanez XPT700, a Schecter Synester Conventional and an Micheal Amott Dean Tyrant. Each of these instruments, pleasantly have there own audio, however, to me, the Fitzgibbons KV2 appears to be better, seems better and looks better. This instrument is ideal for shreders, as the large frets help you to brush. Its also excellent for enjoying, as the overall tone is very fresh. A instrument I would suggest to everyone.   The instrument was completely set up by the Fitzgibbons Custom...More
ESP MX-250 James Hetfield
    Created individually for Wayne in 1996 by the excellent specialist Dino Muradian (dino-muradian.html). On the body and headstock is the wooden losing elk head visual with spiked cable and on the back the 4-M-star logo. The spiked cable inlay is done in gold by Rob Thorn.   Would you like a item of advice? Believe in from your other performers who suggest this instrument by providing it the biggest qualities. ESP's EX is a fantastic appearing device that manages well any type of situation: stay, facilities or simply exercising. Functions and excellent audio will keep you pleased, and you will feel that this axe is value every penny you've spent. ESP is a well known inst...More
Ibanez Jem 777 Lng
    The Ibanez JEM777 is the earliest Jem design having been designed returning in 1985 and launched later by the combined abilities of Bob Vai and Ibanez while he was purchasing around for a organization suitable enough to carry the perspective of the Jem into truth.  Three different designs were created each marked as the JEM777DY, JEM777SK, and JEM777LNG, with along with being the only actual distinction between them, each shaded Wasteland Sun Yellow-colored, Surprising Light red, and Loch Liness Natural respectively.   The 777LNG was the first created of all 777 Jems and only 777 are available each of which was designated and finalized by Bob Vai himself.  Th...More
Charvel Warren DeMartini Guitar
    Warren asked Performance Instrument to somehow stick reptile epidermis to the white coloured Jackson/Charvel guitar. Mr. Sugai put the reptile epidermis on to the top part of the system, then it was covered by clear laquer by Jackson/Charvel. However, Warren didn't like it very much because the original feel of the reptile epidermis was ruined from the laquer that was applied on to it, and only the top part of the system was covered by reptile epidermis. So, Warren asked for to have it created only with reptile epidermis protecting the whole system without any protecting over it. The Snake Skin guitar in the photo above is the one created in this way which we first saw Warren...More
Steve Vai 1989 IBANEZ JEM 777SK Guitar
    Fantastic situation that hasn't been attached with or improved in any way. Aside from a 3mm group break damage on the top side the colour is breathtaking and very vivid SK. This SK has the same kind of clearcoat layer that I had on another SK, almost definitely from the same set. There is one layer on the top side about 2 1/2" long from the within advantage of the hold toward the buttocks, and another on the mid returning that forks into a couple. These can only be seen when captured in the mild the right way and are very challenging to get images of. I've taken several under the halogens and outside. Otherwise there is some extremely minimal scrapes between the trem pro...More
Ibanez Jem 777 DY
    As the headline declares, what i have here is a JEM 777DY. The instrument is fit, with only little marks, particularly around the sides. As we all know, Bob Vai prefers his wooden to take in, which means less colour. These equipment, unfortunately, get marks each time they contact anything, which is why, although near difficult to find, ideal situation JEM 777DYs are incredibly useful. The frets on this instrument are nothing short of ideal with very little to no damaging, and even very little use overall. The throat is in FANTASTIC form. The instrument is 100% unique, aside from the truss rod protect. It is a alternative, every possible part is involved.. Although I had the ...More
Ibanez Jem 777 VBK Steve Vai Model
  1988 Ibanez JEM777VBK in fine shape overall. The biggest use is on the link (mostly the cover), thanks to my apparent excessive acidosis. There is also the typical NJFC (neck combined complete crack) that is so typical with these instruments. S/N 88xxxx (on the throat plate), Advantage tremolo, frets 21-24 scalloped, DiMarzio pup' know the routine. The unique natural 5 way change tip was missing and changed with a dark one. Examine out the Jem web page for all of the specifications. Contains OHSC (pink lining).   This is absoulutly the biggest instrument there is to perform on in the 7 sequence category.  The activity is very quick and the and the installation is r...More
Charvel USA San Dimas Warren DeMartini Cross Swords Guitar
 The Charvel USA San Dimas Warren DeMartini Mix Swords Instrument is an item of '80's Steel record.  This is a famous guitar that Warren DeMartini used returning in the 1980's with Ratt.  And he is still using it these days.  Charvel compensated honor to Warren by launching his own Specialist Trademark Sequence USA Charvel range of instruments.  This guitar functions an Alder System, Quartersawn Walnut Throat, 25.5" Range Duration, Unique Floyd Increased Tremelo and Nut, and a Customized Developed Seymour Duncan Collection meant to Warren DeMartini's specifications.  This Charvel is a gamer and you will never be able to put it down once you choose it up.&nb...More
Richie Kotzen Guitar
      Rickie Kotzen continuous help to Fender   The cause that Fenders capability of controlling Los Angles' market place is because one from the worlds very best guitarist Rickie Kotzen brought his 50 records touring worldwide regularly to help Fender.   Brief introduction about Kotzen   Richie was born in 1970, starting playing piano as he was 5 yrs old and turning to performing electric guitar when occasionally found Kiss demonstration while he was 7 years old. In his youth, Kotzen grew up gradually into a intelligent and all-around guitarist, his electric guitar capabilities merged pop,fusion, blues, rock and soul music aspects.   Kotze...More
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