Relic Custom Department
  Since years ago, our Custom Shop has been a "dream factory" producing all kinds of guitar replicas from top players of each time. Of course, we dare not say our replicas are as good as originals, but they are more attractive price, far below the originals’ price, just about $300-$600. Besides, The craftsmen in our Custom Shop are all known worldwide for their artistry in making guitars that range from the fine to the fantastic, so the quality of our guitars can also be assured. Whether they're building a new custom instrument from the ground up or modifying an existing one, their best is the best. Our Custom Shop have customized and crafted replicas of guitars from th...More
Relic Work
Do you want a unique looking guitar that only belongs to you?    If you are a guitarist and you want a nice looking “axe”, you are in the right place. Choose a custom hand painted or a relic guitar will satisfy    your desire. You can select whichever guitar you like as the base.             Relic Work Our Guitar Custom Shop offers you a full line of Custom Relic Finishes; from the Closet Classic to the medium and heavy Roadworn finishes. These finishes can be selected right from the drop down menus we provide while ordering your parts. The photos below are only a few samples of the type of work we can d...More
Relic Guitar- Why You Should Buy One
  What are Relic guitars anyway? A relic is really a brand new guitar made to look really old by master builders from Fender; and in fact in recent times by Gibson too. Why? Why would someone buy a rusty; yellowing, scratched up piece of rotting wood? This question is really hot on almost all the videos and articles I've read. Some even criticize Fender and Gibson for making these guitars. Their angle was that these telecaster relic or strat relic guitars are 'reserved' for the talented and 'older' musician that have gone through the relic process with their guitar. To answer this question Fender Relic guitars; we must understand that the great guitar players that we listened to an...More
Shopworn ‘Relics’ Put Vintage Soul in Guitarists’ Hands
  If you’ve been down to your local blues bar recently and seen some young gun playing a beat-up 1959 Stratocaster, your eyes may have been fooling you. What looks like a vintage Strat is probably a “relic,” a modern-day copy that’s been artificially aged by master artisans: carefully worn, tarnished, rubbed, beaten and otherwise altered to look like it’s seen 50 years of sweat, smoke and back-room jam sessions. Relic guitars first became popular in the 1990s when Keith Richards encouraged two guys from the Fender Custom Shop — John Page and Jay Black — to build a couple of custom guitars and artificially age them. To actually “de-evo...More
How to Relic Your Guitar
How To: Relic Your Telecaster Because of the expense of buying a beat up vintage Tele, guitar manufacturers decided in the ’90′s to "recreate" the look and feel of 40 years of use on brand new guitars. Relics as Fender branded them were an instant success–and an instant controversy. For many they are completely wonderful, for others they are complete heresy."Why beat up a brand new guitar and then charge more for it?" Seems to be the main sentiment, but for many others it just makes perfect sense. Naturally, if the factory can do it then the DIY market can do it better. But how? Here is some information gleaned from two different sources — ...More
What make our guitars better from all the other 'relicers'?
So what makes your guitars better from all the other 'relicers' aged guitars out here?     All of our guitars and parts are aged or reliced with care and skill to simulate years of natural playing wear. We believe that our guitars would stand up to close scrutiny to the big USA custom shops. While we can't give you a real 1950's maple necked beauty...we can get you as close as possible!   Apart from the reasons above, our guitars also have the following features: * We use quality tone woods - Swamp Ash and Alder. * Our bodies and necks are accurately based on the originals dimensions and shapes, of coure except customers' special requirements. * We use quality ...More
Our Finish Options
  Our relic guitars, bodies and necks are finished with period correct nitro-cellulose lacquers. These lacquers are believed to be the most beneficial for the tone of the instrument. The finish is light and therefore the whole guitar will resonate much better than modern finishes. However these finishes are very delicate and are prone to fading and damage. That is why so many vintage guitars looked 'aged' or 'reliced'.   Our finishes replicate years of playing wear on the finish and give our guitars that 'played in' look. We lightly sand and oil and roll the frets to to give our necks superb comfort and playability.   We have 3 ageing or reliced finishes: 1, Unworn Fin...More
Why Setting Up Relic Custom Department?
    Relic History   “Bash ‘em up a bit and I’ll play ‘em.” With those words, Keith Richards helped to inspire the Fender Relic collection of guitars and basses, period-accurate reissues of classic Fender axes that have been cosmetically “aged” to varying degrees to simulate years of playing and abuse, but still feel great and sound amazing. A number of major artists had previously commissioned the Fender Custom Shop to replicate prized guitars that were perhaps too valuable, beloved, or just plain worn out to take on the road, but when the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist needed a few spare axes for an upcoming tour, he thought t...More
Build Your Dream Relic Guitar
  Are you looking for your “number one” that you can rely on night after night to provide you with unsurpassed tone, playability, and mojo? Are you looking for a relic guitar which looks like that it has been existed for 30-40 years? Are you looking for a guitar company that will build this kind of relic guitar around your ideas and needs?   Whatever your reason for arriving here, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a Relic custom-made guitar for YOU, not for whomever happens to walk through the door looking for six strings attached to a piece of wood. You want more than what the big stores can give. You want a guitar that reflects you a...More
Custom Service Principles
    As a professional Guitar Custom Shop, we always comply with the following principles: Customer First — Our vision and mission statement highlight our desire to create a customer-centric environment. We are here to provide world class customer service and to place the needs of the customer first. In all we do, we never forget that our customers need us to be the experts they expect us to be; and to serve their needs in a polite, professional and helpful way.   Action — We know that our customers are contacting us because they need action. They expect us to be ready, willing and able to quickly solve their problem, answer their questions or provide ...More
Relic Custom Service
    Our relic department has just set up, and these relic products were made for display in a hurry. Many details of them may be not perfect yet, so welcome your criticism on them at any time. Besides, some details are limited by time, instead of our ability. To show our sincerity, when placing orders on relic guitars, all customers can just pay a small part of deposit (even just $10 is ok). Then We can carefully make it according to your requests, repeatly check with you about details, modify and make progress...until meet your satisfaction. Don't be afraid to bring us troubles. Our customer service staff and other workers are pleasant to exchange with our customers, as they c...More
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