You Supply The Imagination. We''ll Supply The Craftsmanship.
  Who knows what kind of guitars you dream? Only you! It’s your imagination, from the body shape, to the feel of the neck, the graphics, the inlays, the hardware, the materials, and others, limited only by your creativity.   It can be as simple as making small changes to one of our existing models, or as complex as creating a brand new design that exists only in your vision. With access to the world’s most respected and experienced luthiers, our custom shop can literally turn your dreams into reality.   Our guitar custom shop wants to give you everything you need to make a personalizing custom guitar fast and easy. You can visit our Website to know m...More
About Similarity
About the similarity between ours and original guitars Some customers email us that some of our guitars are not identical to the original, we are glad to make it clear here: You know, it’s impossible for us to purchase all the original guitars: some are too expensive, some has deceased to produce. But we bought lots of public blueprints, we are not very clear about the origin of these blueprints, and we also don’t make sure of their accuracy. We spent lots of money on them, and we know there will be differences between the original and our guitars, but we will try our best to replicate the guitar as similar as the original! You can also join us: ...More
For Lefty Players
The world may not be "right" on a lot of days, but it's certainly a right-handed world. Left-handers - estimated at 10-15% of all people - get a raw deal. Scissors, golf clubs, special non-smudging pens (think about writing on paper with your left, right-handers!), jar openers, gardening tools and more… All are specialized products you may need if you are left-handed.   And then there are guitars. Many years ago, left-handers simply adapted as best they could. Albert King simply flipped his guitar and played upside-down, bass E-string at the top. Jimi Hendrix used right-handed guitars but re-strung them for left-hand playing. Some left-handers - Gary Moore, Mark Knopf...More
Our Quality
Quality and Price Why so cheap? One same guitar, even if they are all handmade, but may be quite different in producing process, extent of details pursuit and degree of perfection, which is why some products of big brands, especially of their custom shop are expensive. However, a sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs. We may be not as good as them in hardware and software, but we have all the facilities. Please rest assured about that. We just don’t use more expensive original accessories, and there are also no world-famous luthiers involved in our producing process. This is one of main reasons why our price is not so high like theirs. ...More
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